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Fujitsu BS2000/OSD Mainframes Summit 2012

A solid pillar in dynamic IT times

The mainframe is and always will be a solid pillar - even in these dynamic IT times. Its features constantly meet the increasing challenges that face today’s data centers especially in these times of change: top performance, security, reliability and flexibility. The increasing optimization of such features have made the mainframe a significant factor when modernizing and developing the infrastructures used in a data center. Visit the BS2000/OSD Mainframe Summit to see exactly how such modernization is planned.

Learn about future strategies, solutions and trends in the mainframe environment

Top executives and experts from Fujitsu will help you take a look “behind the scenes” at the current and future strategies involved in mainframe developments.

Collect more information about developing and modernizing your data center

Technology is not just there for its own sake – it must be used for continuous optimization. The BS2000/OSD Mainframe Summit 2012 agenda will provide you with in-depth information about new operating system versions and mainframe generations and what this all means for you.

Enjoy exchanging views and networking at this unique platform for mainframe users

Meet up with knowledgeable people, enjoy fruitful discussions and become an active part of this Community
Welcome to the BS2000/OSD Mainframe Summit 2012 covering mainframe technologies, topics and trends – but let us not forget the other big event in Europe. For example you can watch the European Championships semi-final in one of Europe’s greatest football environments.