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Infrastructure Support

Easy and efficient protection of IT Infrastructures for solution business


Fujitsu SolutionContract provides support for Fujitsu IT infrastructures for solution business. It take into account the fact that solution infrastructures consist of hardware, software and possibly network products, often from various vendors.
The Fujitsu SolutionContract comprises proactive and reactive maintenance & support services and covers all hardware and software components of the solution infrastructure.
One proactive service element is the System Health Check which analyzes the components of the solution infrastructure and compiles the results in a report, which is presented to the customer by a Technical Account Manager.

For Fujitsu SolutionContract, several service level options are available to meet customers’ requirements.

A SolutionContract is available in various options giving customers the flexibility to select Service time, Response or Recovery time and proactive services in accordance with their needs. 

  • Solution-oriented support reduces the complexity in maintaining the solution infrastructure – Fujitsu is responsible for the integration of hardware and software components
  • Synchronized service levels and contract periods for the entire solution infrastructure
  • Clear pricing concept with a fixed monthly fee

Datasheet SolutionContract for

  • Business Warehouse Accelerator Infrastructure (ENOpen a new window, DEOpen a new window)
  • ETERNUS® CS8000 (ENOpen a new window, DEOpen a new window)
  • FlexFrame® for SAP® (ENOpen a new window, DEOpen a new window)
  • FlexFrame® Orchestrator (ENOpen a new window, DEOpen a new window)
  • Fujitsu Power Appliance for SAP HANA® Platform (ENOpen a new window, DEOpen a new window)