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Hard disk replacement without returning the old disk

In case a faulty disk cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced the old one remains the customer's property. This ensures that company-confidential data won't leave a company.


Usually a damaged disk is only replaced by a new one when the old disk is returned to the manufacturer. But what happens with the company-confidential data stored on the faulty disk?
Fujitsu knows that customers wish to keep a faulty disk to prevent data retrieval from unauthorized persons. Only in case the disks remains property of the company an IT administrator can be sure that the full data control remains inside the company and no external party ever has a chance to get access. Therefore HDD-Retention is a valuable service to ensure compliance with the internal security guidelines.


  • Security for confidential data 
  • Full data control remains with the customer 
  • Meets data protection and company guidelines 
  • Civil liability risks are reduced


The HDD-Retention service is available for Esprimo PCs, CELSIUS Workstations, LIFEBOOK Mobiles, STYLISTIC Tablet PC, PRIMERGY server and ETERNUS DX storage.