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Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY - System Management

Resourceful Server Management

ServerView® Suite is the key to higher value and efficient IT operation.

It provides all the functions for fail-safe, flexible and automated 24x7 server operations and improves end-user productivity via intelligent and innovative system management solutions. It also supports the technologies involved in virtualization and the higher dynamics of IT infrastructures.
ServerView® Suite delivers optimized deployment, permanent status monitoring and extensive control or analysis when there are malfunctions that result in fewer downtimes as well as improved maintenance and service quality. A high level of energy-efficient server operation is ensured by state-of-the-art power monitoring and control functions whereby seamless PRIMERGY integration in heterogeneous IT landscapes with different management enables full investment protection.

Highlights and latest news

  • ServerView Remote Management-iRMC S5 Introducing ServerView Remote Management- iRMC S5: providing increased security and system admin productivity through simplified remote management. Supporting the New PRIMERGY M4 and PRIMEQUEST Servers launched, iRMC S5 comes with a new interactive UI and conforms to Redfish providing support for unified API.
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  • White Paper: ServerView Embedded Lifecycle Management (eLCM) This White Paper introduces main eLCM functions and describes how administrators benefit from simplified, highly integrated and automated server management.
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  • ServerView embedded Lifecycle Management (eLCM) simplifies server deployment With release of eLCM V1.2 you now install and configure iRMC S4-based Fujitsu PRIMERGY systems out of the box without using external media. This release greatly supports the strategic objective of eLCM to consolidate and enhance management functions directly available (“embedded”) within the server for simplified, highly integrated and automated management processes.
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  • Integration of Fujitsu PRIMERGY and PRIMEQUEST Servers in VMware Environments
    This video explains how you seamlessly integrate and manage Fujitsu PRIMERGY and PRIMEQUEST servers directly within your VMware environment by using the ServerView vCenter Plug-in.
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  • White Paper: ServerView Integration in VMware vRealize™ Operations™
    This new White Paper describes the settings required in VMware vRealize™ Operations™ (vROps) to import system-specific events of Fujitsu PRIMERGY and PRIMEQUEST servers from VMware vCenter and their further processing into alerts, which in turn influence the vROps health status.
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  • White Paper: Out-of-band monitoring of RAID configurations and HDDs
    This new White Paper describes how RAID configurations and HDDs within a Fujitsu PRIMERGY server can be monitored in an out-of-band communication via the iRMC S4 Management LAN port.
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  • White Paper: ServerView® Suite Integration Packs – Overview
    This white paper explains the technology behind three of the most important integration packs for the product families Microsoft System Center and VMware vSphere as well as Nagios Core systems in addition to how they work within the framework of ServerView®.
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  • ServerView Agentless Service separates the networks for productive and management data for enhanced data security.
    ServerView System Monitor provides easy and inexpensive management of small and distributed PRIMERGY server installations and enables to run selected tasks directly at the remote server for more efficient processing.
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  • With ServerView Integration Packs customers using management solutions like Microsoft System Center, VMware vSphere or Nagios can easily integrate Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers in their existing environment for reducing administration cost and ensuring investment protection.
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DEPLOY PRIMERGY ServerView® Suite Deploy

Comply with any set-up scenario. Guarantee reliable server deployment. All items required to initially install bare metal servers in a very convenient and unattended manner. For all PRIMERGY servers and free. Mass installation and provision servers within minutes controlled via the central management station.

CONTROL PRIMERGY ServerView® Suite Control

Centralized, consistently monitored and managed. Physical or virtual servers and storage. Extensive monitoring and control facilities provide fast exact information about the operating states of servers and other IT infrastructure components. One easy-to-use web-based tool consolidates all the management tasks for high levels of system availability, flexibility and efficient IT operation. For all PRIMERGY servers and free.

DYNAMIZE PRIMERGY ServerView® Suite Dynamize

Accelerate, further simplify and dynamize server lifecycle operations. Become more flexible, make IT operations even more efficient. Innovative and revolutionary management dramatically reduces complexity and improves both flexibility and efficiency in the deployment and operation of physical and virtual server environments. Carry out previously complex and time-consuming data center tasks in an easier manner and within minutes instead of hours and days.

MAINTAIN PRIMERGY ServerView® Suite Maintain

Powerful tools and functions to prevent downtime, to recover more quickly and to save costs. A valuable assortment of powerful tools and functions for failure prevention, troubleshooting and fast recovery. Get access to the server in every operation state and from everywhere to identify e.g. the root cause of an outage. See precisely how the servers are configured and perform any required BIOS, firmware or driver updates from any location by simply pressing a button.

INTEGRATE PRIMERGY ServerView® Suite Integrate

Run PRIMERGY servers in heterogeneous environments with full investment protection. Sophisticated integration packs and best practice information for seamless and easy integration of PRIMERGY servers into third-party or vendor management systems. For all PRIMERGY servers and as an essential for almost all management systems for free.