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- World Tour 2015 : Fujitsu South Africa

Event Keynotes


Breakout SessionsThe keynotes of the World Tour 2015 focus on strategic perspectives: What will be the direction of Human Centric Innovation? Which developments will be on the CIO agenda? What strategic factors should be considered by decision-makers? Fujitsu’s top managers and high-ranking executives from strategic partners like Intel will address these questions in terms of ICT and business value.

Joseph Reger

Dr. Joseph Reger
Chief Technology Officer
Fujitsu EMEIA

Joseph Reger has been Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with various Fujitsu entities since 2002. As of August 1st, 2014 he was appointed as CTO for Fujitsu’s Europe, Middle East, India and Africa EMEIA) region.

As CTO, he steers both the company and its customers in real-life dynamic IT, mobility, enterprise computing and cloud computing implementations. In this role he inspired and architected the company’s Dynamic Infrastructures strategy. Most recently he was instrumental in developing Fujitsu’s Cloud Computing Strategy and currently he is focusing on the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 topics.

Joseph was the founder of the company’s award winning innovation process and he is managing it now across Fujitsu’s EMEIA region.

A renowned industry expert and visionary, Joseph is recognized for his ability to understand and predict the IT trends that will most impact the future of business. Working with Fujitsu’s customers, he helps to determine and implement the innovations most appropriate to their strategy. Within Fujitsu itself, Joseph is a key driving force behind the company’s technology strategy. His role is paramount in helping Fujitsu choose wisely when deciding on technology directions.


Gernot Fels

Gernot Fels
Head of Integrated Systems, Global Product Marketing, Fujitsu

Gernot Fels is in charge of Integrated Systems in Fujitsu’s Global Product Marketing and based in Germany. Prior to this he worked in various functions of training and education, consulting, sales, business development and marketing within the Siemens group, Siemens Nixdorf Computers, Fujitsu Siemens Computers and Fujitsu.

He is looking back to a professional experience of over 30 years in the ICT industry. Gernot holds a degree in computer science from the University of Karlsruhe (Germany).

Hermann Brummer

Hermann Brummer
Global product marketing, Storage Solutions, Fujitsu

Hermann Brummer is part of global product marketing team for storage solutions at Fujitsu.

After his education as engineer in communication technologies he held several positions in engineering, field service, infrastructure consulting and sales, spanning technologies from mobile communications to mainframes.

Since 2000 Hermann is addicted to the storage business within Fujitsu Technology Solutions and its predecessors. Starting with supplier and technology partner management his current main responsibility is in the product marketing of Fujitsu ETERNUS DX Storage Systems.

Marius Coetzee

Marius Coetzee
CEO of Ideco Biometric Security Solutions

Marius Coetzee is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Ideco Biometric Security Solutions, the market leader in biometric solutions that transforms established identities into trusted assets, which drive customer service operations across government and corporate South Africa. His expertise has been largely shaped through strategic partnerships and alliances that create new revenue streams and innovative product opportunities. Marius joined Ideco in June 2007 to lead business development, marketing and product management for the Ideco Group of companies. His prior experience is largely rooted in the Identity bureau space where he pioneered the National Center for Certified Identities, providing market leading ID verification services across many areas of corporate South Africa. As an entrepreneur, Marius has built specific expertise in innovative biometric solutions, identity profiling, fraud prevention, transaction management and other related disciplines. He is an executive member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and holds a Bachelor degree in Engineering from the University of Pretoria.


 Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson
Head of Services, Fujitsu South Africa

Before his current role, Mark Wilson was Managing Director of Fujitsu India and prior to that he was responsible for Sales and Marketing as Managing Director for the Region Middle East, Africa and India within Fujitsu Technology Solutions.

Mark Wilson has a Cost and Management Accounting degree from Wits University Johannesburg, South Africa. He later joined the Siemens group where he held various key positions in finance and management, including Financial Director SBS and Managing Director for Fujitsu Siemens Computers South Africa. In April 2007, he was promoted to the Senior Vice President of the Region Middle East and Africa. The territory has been enlarged by India in April 2009, as former Fujitsu Siemens Computers became a 100 percentage subsidiary of Fujitsu in Europe, now operating as Fujitsu Technology Solutions.


 Quentin Schots

Quentin Schots
Managing Director Fujitsu

Quentin Schots is the Managing Director of Fujitsu South Africa. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium and a Postgraduate Degree in Business Administration.

He entered the IT industry having begun his career in sales outside the industry, joining Unisys where he held numerous positions mostly in managed infrastructure services and infrastructure outsourcing. He gained experience in- and exposure to- operations, project and account management, finance, presales, commercial and general management. Since 1996, Quentin has been working in the international environment.

He moved to Fujitsu in January 2008 as Head of Global Program Management with operational responsibility for all strategic international managed infrastructure services contracts.

He moved to South Africa as Managing Director of Fujitsu in September 2011, responsible for both South Africa and all English speaking African countries.


 Rainer Hettinger

Rainer Hettinger
Principal Business Developer SAP Global Delivery - BAS SAP Solutions, Fujitsu

Rainer Hettinger has more than 25 years of experience in IT architecture, SAP Data Center Solutions and Services and is member of the Fujitsu Global Delivery team focused on SAP solutions and services. Together with approx. 40 Fujitsu SAP experts he is based in the Global Fujitsu SAP Competence Center in Walldorf /Germany, just across the street to SAP HQ. He accompanied the evaluation of SAP application virtualization into solutions ready for a SAP Cloud as well as the latest developments and innovations regarding SAP In-memory technology, SAP HANA and the Internet of Things.

In his actual role he supports for many years the Fujitsu country organizations in the Middle East, India, South Africa and Asia in their SAP customer and partner projects. Additionally he acts to collect feedback from customers and partners in this markets and share this experience with central Fujitsu SAP teams.

Rainer holds a master degree in Business Administration from the University of Mannheim/ Germany.


Cleres Wilfried

Wilfried Cleres
Business Development of DCMA at Fujitsu Global Infrastructure Solutions


Wilfried Cleres is responsible for Business Development of DCMA at Fujitsu Global Infrastructure Solutions. In 2004, at Fujitsu Siemens Computers, he led and defined the Global Project Support for SAP infrastructures, followed by management responsibilities in the Fujitsu service area. Prior to joining Fujitsu, Wilfried worked for Siemens CIO as Project Manager in the Siemens Enterprise portal and the Siemens SAP Task Force. Wilfried holds a degree in electrical engineering from the FH Darmstadt.

Alex Wann
Airlines Manager, Fujitsu


Alex has over 30 years’ experience in the Manufacturing, Mining, Banking and Transportation areas and has a passion for the airline space.

Avi Mistry
Enterprise Lead, Intel Corporation – South Africa

As head of the Enterprise Division for Intel, South Africa – Avi is responsible for the Sales & Marketing of all Intel products to Large Business, Government & Partners.

The mission of the Enterprise team is to work with all verticals of big business and government and create business value through the effective adoption of Information Technology Best Practice and Innovative use of Technology.
Through thought leadership, businesses are exposed to innovative break-through in technology that drive disruption and help differentiate in the competitive landscape.

Mistry joined Intel in August 2012 and has risen to manage the Enterprise portfolio in its entirety.
Having vast experience in the FSI & FMCG verticals, Avi understands how technology can positively impact on the bottom line.

Avi studied for a law degree at the Univ. of Natal – Durban.

Bradley Naidoo

Bradley Naidoo
Senior Systems Engineer, VMware


Bradley Naidoo is a senior systems engineer at VMWARE sub-Saharan Africa. In his role he is responsible for leading the alignment of VMware’s SDDC technologies to our partners technical pre-sales portfolio.

 Bryan Balfe

Bryan Balfe
Enterprise Account Manager, Commvault
Bryan Balfe is a customer focused IT sales professional with more than 18 years’ experience in data management with a track record of delivering enterprise solutions covering Public Sector, Large Enterprise and Commercial Accounts in South Africa & Europe. He has a strong background in helping customers make ICT Technology relevant to their individual business requirements and bringing together these components to deliver efficient solutions in the data centre. He comes from a data management software background, with detailed understanding and experience of the challenges faced by organisations in managing their data, and a strong understanding of the complimentary hardware offerings of the market leaders in this space


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Human Centric Innovation – driving innovation in how we work and live

Fujitsu has a vision of a Human Centric Intelligent Society where ICT improves how we live and work. The session will cover Fujitsu’s approach to bringing innovation to our clients leveraging the emerging trends of mobility, big data, social, and the Internet of Things – all underpinned by cloud as the platform for delivering the new generation of applications. We will showcase both our emerging technologies and solutions as well as how we are helping organisations to drive business and social innovation.


Human Centric Internet of Things - Emerging Technologies

We have entered the Internet of Things era, in which there is the potential for unparalleled amounts of information about people, things, and the environment to be digitised and transmitted over networks. By mobilising this information, consumers, companies, and society can visualise what they would like to see accomplished or what they need to do, spurring moves to bring innovation to actual business activities and social life. Dr Bazin will discuss how Fujitsu has been working with customers to generate business innovation and helping them establish their IoT business models.


FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX - Fast Time to Production and More

The ongoing demand for new ICT services by the business requires new data center infrastructures. However, building these on your own is complex, error-prone and time-consuming, and therefore entails many risks for the business. What if you could simplify and accelerate this process, and avoid all the risks? FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX makes it happen. Learn more about our integrated systems approach and how we help you shorten time to production.


From Big Data to Big Value

Big Data is one of the most frequently discussed trends in the market, because it promises a big value for organizations and the society. But how will you get from Big Data to big value? How does the journey look like? What to consider during this journey? Fujitsu will show its view and demonstrate how it can guide you step-by-step to an optimum Big Data solution based on your specific needs.

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