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Operating systems

Operating systems

To ensure reliability and high availability, Fujitsu provides you with operating systems one can trust!

Operating systems

Thin Client Operating Systems

eLux™ eLux™ - Thin Client Operating Systems

eLux™ is a hardware independent operating system for cloud-computing environments. It is based on a write-protected file system and therefore safe from computer viruses and other malware, even without using special Antivirus Software. The administration is carried out centrally through the optional management solution Scout Enterprise. eLux™ has been continuously developed and enhanced since the year 2000. Over one million Thin Clients in 45 countries are based on the eLux™ operating system.

Windows® Embedded Standard
Windows Embedded Standard 7 delivers the performance, reliability and flexibility of Windows 7 in a modular form to meet your specific requirements. It’s compatible with industry standards and all existing Microsoft technology. The modern user interface allows for rich, interactive user experiences. High modularity allows the optimization of the embedded Windows 7 footprint on your devices by using only the components needed. Additionally, Scout Enterprise, the multi-user capable manageability tool, perfectly operates and manages your devices with high levels of scalability.

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BS2000 Operating System

BS2000 OSD/BC is the mainframe operating system for BS2000 Servers. It delivers services of the highest quality for transaction systems and data and extends these quality standards to new applications based on the latest software technologies. It is unrivaled in providing an available, scalable, high-performance platform for business-critical applications that is totally compatible across numerous versions.

Операционные системы для PRIMERGY

Мы живем в эпоху электронного бизнеса: цифровые инфраструктуры все чаще выступают в качестве незаменимой основы для ведения электронного бизнеса в глобальном масштабе. Fujitsu поставляет вычислительные системы, которым можно доверять, гарантирующие высокий уровень надежности и доступности!

SPARC Operating System

This is the age of e-business: Digital infrastructures are increasingly becoming the indispensable backbone supporting worldwide eBusiness processes. To ensure reliability and high availability, Fujitsu provides you with computing systems one can trust!

Операционные системы Microsoft® Microsoft

Компания Fujitsu предлагает широчайший выбор платформ под управлением новейшей операционной системы Windows 8.