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openUTM - Transaction Monitor

Reliable, scalable, high available and resource sparing with maximum performance

This high-end transaction processing platform offers mainframe quality even in UNIX and WINDOWS environments. Multi-tier client/server solutions will be set in reality with openUTM and effectively supported. Applications based on openUTM are fault tolerant. openUTM completely includes all resources in the transaction process and is therefore able to offer a comprehensive restart functionality.

Fundamental benefits of openUTM are:

  • Transactional security 
  • High scalability of applications 
  • Support of any client, e.g. JAVA clients, Windows clients etc. 
  • XA synchronization with database systems 
  • High availability supported by restart and recoverable sessions 
  • Authentification 
  • Authorization
  • Encryption 
  • Transactional connectivity for integration of heterogeneous legacy applications(e.g. CICS, IMS/TM) 
  • Implementation on all current platforms (e.g. BS2000/OSD, UNIX, Windows) 
  • Seamless integration in service oriented architectures (SOA)

Enhanced High Availability with the openUTM-Cluster

Even if applications are used in business critical environments, downtimes can not be accepted. The high availability of applications as well as the possibility to distribute automatically the upcoming load are of highest priority and an essential attribute of dynamic infrastructures. Also openUTM applications can be used without interruption using the UTM-Cluster functionality.

The free of charge software 'XML for openUTM' can be downloaded by selecting the appropriate platform:

The free of charge software 'WebAdmin for openUTM' can be downloaded by selecting the appropriate platform:

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The free of charge software „openUTM WebAdmin Add On for SE-Manager“ can be downloaded from:

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