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WORM (Write Once Read Many) Function Data tampering prevention and original content retention

"Write Once Read Many" or "WORM" technology refers to a recordable device where information, once written, cannot be modified or overwritten.

The LTO Ultrium format Generation 3 and later specifications include the ability for WORM.

Cartridge tape appearances

Using an Ultrium WORM-dedicated cartridge tape

  • Data can be added until the capacity is full, but cannot be deleted or overwritten.
  • Written data can be read as many times as desired.
  • LTO Ultrium provides WORM functionality using WORM dedicated cartridge tapes.
    (WORM dedicated cartridge tapes are two-tone and can be distinguished by their appearance from normal uni-color cartridge tapes.)
WORM function

The use of the right cartridge tape enables appropriate and secure data storage.

Product Requirements

Supported Tape Libraries LT20 S2, LT40 S2, LT60 S2, LT260, LT270 S2, LT250, LT270

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