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FUJITSU Software BS2000 SNMP

Central monitoring of BS2000 systems and their applications via SNMP

For large networked IT structures to run efficiently and cost-effectively, it is necessary to set up an integrated management system which can handle the administration of systems, components and applications, as well as pure network management. Standards for the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and the related architecture are especially suited to form the basis of such a management system.
The integration of SNMP into BS2000 is realized via the following agents:
  • SNMP-Basic-Agent (Product SBA-BS2 V6.2)
    The SNMP base agent in BS2000 is used for the direct connection of BS2000 systems to a central management system for heterogeneous networks via the standard protocol SNMP. Customers with large, manufacturer-independent networks can thus monitor and control the BS2000 systems centrally.
  • SNMP-Standard-Collection (Product SSC-BS2 V6.0)
    The SNMP standard collection includes a collection of subagents for BS2000 specific management tasks. It includes subagents for the monitoring and control of AVAS, HSMS, openFT, OMNIS, Print Management and Storage Management.
  • SNMP-Subagentfor openUTM (Product SSA-OUT-BS2 V5.0 )
    The SNMP subagent for openUTM is used, among other things, for monitoring and controlling selected openUTM applications.
  • SNMP-Subagent for openSM2 (Product SSA-SM2-BS2 V5.0)
    The SM2-based performance subagent provides basic information about the openSM2 itself and measured values according to the report groups of openSM2.
  • SNMP subagents contained in openNet Server for MIB II and BCAM 
  • SNMP-Subagent in interNet Services for FTP
  • SNMP-Subagent in SESAM

SNMP-Basic-Agent (BS2000/OSD)

Connects BS2000/OSD systems directly to a central management system for heterogeneous networks.


SNMP is a standardized protocol for transfer of management-commands and -information.

SNMP-Standard-Collection (BS2000/OSD)

Used with the corresponding SNMP subagents for control and management of various systems (i.e. job scheduling, storage…)

SNMP-Subagent openUTM (BS2000/OSD)

Enhances the SNMP basic agent in BS2000 by a corresponding subagent for monitoring and controlling transaction applications

SNMP-Subagent SM2 (BS2000/OSD)

Offers functionality and management applications to display performance monitoring information