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  4. Environment Agency: Floodline Warnings Direct

Environment Agency: Floodline Warnings Direct

Helping people take control

of flood risk with innovative service

Environment Agency
Five million people, in over two million properties, now live in flood risk areas in England and Wales and it is the responsibility of the Environment Agency to predict and warn people of the risk of flooding from rivers and seas. 

Fujitsu won three contracts with the Environment Agency spanning the full lifecycle of the Floodline Warnings Direct (FWD) application, including consultancy and design, application development and deployment and finally the provision of a fully managed service for both the application and the supporting infrastructure.

Hosted and managed in Fujitsu datacentres, the FWD application enables the Environment Agency to determine target areas for pre-defined warning messages. On receiving information of a potential severe weather situation, the Environment Agency can now utilise FWD’s advanced mapping and location information to accurately identify people at risk of potential flooding.