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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Accessing Better Information

Local authorites can gain far better insights into citizen issues when they are able to see and share one single version of the truth. It all starts with data - making better use of information that is often already available but has simply never been joined up. Make the connection and you make a difference to outcomes.

Our success stories reveal a wide range of smart uses of data and of data analytics to not only deliver better services but to plug the holes in existing services; discovering perpetrators of fraud to recover monies, ensuring that human error becomes a thing of the past, and leveraging information as a platform for sharing services to reduce costs and duplication.

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The Value of Business Intelligence

KNOWING is about using information better to deliver services, reduce fraud and error and make the most of what you have.

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Success Stories

Southwark Council Case Study

Recovering £500K in council tax

Southwark Council wanted to identify bogus student claimants for council tax exemption in order to reduce fraud and generate revenue.


Gravesham Borough Council Case Study

Tenancy fraud

Gravesham Borough Council identified over £100K in fraud on its housing and was able to ensure council housing for those who need it most.


HMRC Case Study

New processes discover over £100M

Smarter data analytics helped HMRC to take a fresh look at how to recover funds, save time and money.