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Digital Media Transformation

Connected Digital Media Experience
Download our Media Digital Inside Out reasearch PDF

Fujitsu digital media technology

Fujitsu is a global technology systems integrator, manufacturer and network provider. Within the UK we work in partnership with top broadcasters such as ITV, to resolve their technology issues.

Today’s media and entertainment environment is rapidly evolving and constantly changing. Digital technology has become the underlying foundation enabling businesses to conceive ideas, create great content and then serve and engage with their audiences.

Digital technology also helps businesses overcome the many challenges presented in today’s market. Challenges such as; how to create a more personalised and immersive audience experience, and how to turn customer experiences into opportunities.

Working together with Fujitsu, we can help you better target and segment your audience, re-invent revenue streams and deliver a connected, superior digital customer experience.

Contact us to find out how our media technology can enable your organisation to :

  • improve operational effectiveness
  • increase efficiency
  • take advantage of new opportunities to drive profitable growth

Media IT services - delivering a connected customer experience

The world is experiencing a digital revolution. The Internet of Things has led to a significant increase in digital consumption, and customers now want to be able to access news and entertainment, at any time, in any location and on any device.

Where once it was only necessary to understand an audience’s content requirement, now it’s also necessary to know how it prefers to have its content delivered. Today within media, everyone and everything is interlinked and hyper-connected, and to keep pace with change you need the right digital infrastructure.

At Fujitsu we can help you to evolve and adapt to keep pace with rising customer expectation and fluctuating demand. Personalisation through our big data analytics and content delivery service, enables you to consistently deliver quality experiences to increasingly fragmented audiences.

We deliver a simple, trusted and connected experience to enable you to transform your business, provide a consistent personalised customer experience and retain customer loyalty.

To find out more, download our Digital Inside Out report.

Why choose Fujitsu as your Media IT services and solutions provider?

We’re a strategic long term technology partner with decades of engineering experience.

We understand that digital opportunity is about more than just delivering audience services and enhanced front-facing products. It’s equally about delivering streamlined back-end services and improved workflow. Our services and solutions are delivered in a secure and agile manner, to enable you to transform your media operations, increase workforce agility and improve productivity.

We have:

  • over 1,000 field engineers
  • 36,000 managed network devices
  • over 16,000 managed servers
  • 24/7 operation centres
  • a four hour UK-wide fix rate

Fujitsu Digital Media and Entertainment