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Retail and Hospitality IT Services

Retail & Hospitality Solutions from Fujitsu

The retail industry is changing at an unprecedented pace. Cross-border expansion, multi-channel shopping, the mobile device and smarter back office technologies are transforming shopper expectations and experience, store operating models and business performance. Retail executives are looking to stay ahead of the curve and drive profit by offering a differentiated customer experience and increased business efficiency.

We work with retailers to help them master these challenges, using IT to take the customer experience and business efficiency to the next level. Building on a deep understanding of retailing that we have gained over the past thirty years, Fujitsu’s mission is to deliver a differentiated customer experience which will increase sales, operational effectiveness and customer satisfaction for our retail clients.

We deliver high-performance, best-of-breed hardware solutions, integrated software applications and multi-vendor lifecycle support services to help retailers around the world deliver on their brand promise and operate more effectively.

Spanning front- and back office, our portfolio includes point of sale, mobile and self service solutions, end to end retail & hospitality business applications including business analytics, customer loyalty and dynamic digital media, and a suite of managed IT services across the store, networks, applications and infrastructure.

Fujitsu is the emerging leader in cloud and the role of cloud technology and services for today’s retailers and hospitality organisations.

Why choose Fujitsu as your IT partner?

  • End to end retail IT provider
    we are the only true one-stop shop for retail IT capable of delivering a fully integrated infrastructure – which means you can enjoy a more joined-up service, reduced cost of delivery and faster time to market for new solutions.

  • Retail IP
    over 30 years of retail experience and collaboration with retailers translates into solutions that are easy to integrate and cost-efficient to maintain and support.

  • Service excellence
    this runs through everything we do and is the reason some of the world’s largest retailers and hospitality organisations select us as their business IT partner.

  • Global reach
    we operate in all the major countries of the world and can support your in country or cross-border expansion plans.

  • Japanese heritage
    we are alone compared to our North American competitors in bringing our customers the value of Japanese technology and innovation; you can benefit today from tomorrow’s advanced business solutions.

Our Retail & Hospitality Offering

  • Retail Consulting
    we work with retailers to define the solutions to their business problems; we use simple, tried-and-tested toolsets to diagnose operational issues, identify business improvements and build the case for IT-enabled change. We specialise in customer experience consulting.

  • Point-of-Sale Solutions
    we offer a range of world-class point-of-sale solutions including hardware, software and associated services.

  • Self-Service Solutions
    our self-service solutions include self checkout, self scanning and interactive kiosks, hardware, software and services.

  • Mobile Solutions
    our mobile retail solutions include handheld payment devices, store associate performance management tablets and mobile-enabled retail software solutions.

  • Retail & Hospitality Applications
    we offer a range of retail & hospitality applications including multi-channel data integration, customer loyalty management, returns and store gift cards.

  • Digital Media Solutions
    we provide an end-to-end digital media service for retail (hardware, software and services) to drive customer engagement, performance improvement and operational efficiency.

  • Store Managed Services
    we are the world’s leading provider of store IT managed services to local and global retailers.

  • Cloud for Retail
    we are leading the world in bringing the value of cloud IT to our retail clients; our services include software-as-a-service, infrastructure on demand and innovative commercial models to reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and increase business agility.

  • Enterprise solutions and services
    in addition to our retail-specific solutions, we also offer a range of IT products and services for the wider enterprise including servers, storage, notebooks, system integration and legacy modernisation.

Case Studies

  • Indonesia , Industries: Government , others
    The Indonesian Institute of Sciences introduces Rack and Scale Out Server platform for High Performance Computing

    The family range of Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY systems underpin a powerful and flexible data center solution that allows LIPI to perform complex scientific calculations, reduce the risk of critical data loss, offers high scalability and a low TCO. Tags: Data Center , High Performance Computing

  • Europe , United Kingdom , Industry: Government
    Total refresh of Cafcass’ client infrastructure with Fujitsu Tablets and Ultrabooks

    Cafcass turned to existing Flex partner Fujitsu for advice. The company then rolled out over 1,800 preconfigured Fujitsu Ultrabook U772 and Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q702 devices within three months. Tags: End User Computing , Mobility

  • Finland , Industry: Government
    High-quality End User Services for Mavi, the Agency for Rural Affairs in Finland

    In 2008 the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry initiated a project to plan and implement joint procurement of basic IT services and IT user services. Mavi previously used different service providers to address its IT issues and maintain its workplace environment and related services. At the conclusion of the bidding process, Fujitsu became the Ministry’s new business partner. Tags: IT infrastructure

  • Germany , Industry: Government
    Fujitsu SecDocs as a Quantum Leap for German Federal Deployment Agency

    The Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit, BA) is the largest service provider in the German job market. As a self-governing public body, it acts independently within the relevant legal frameworks. The BA provides a wide range of services to both citizens and companies and institutions in the employment and education markets. Tags:

  • Ireland , Industry: Government
    Irish Courts Service: Fully Managed IT Infrastructure Support Service

    Fujitsu provided the Irish Courts Service with a fully managed IT infrastructure support service and the development and implementation of advanced court room technology to aid the presentation of evidence. Tags:

  • Ireland , Industry: Government
    Marine Institute: Irish Spatial Data Exchange and Geographic Information System

    Fujitsu's key focus of this project was the development of a metadata discovery mechanism that allows metadata catalogues held by the different organisations to become searchable via the Web. Tags:

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Insights & Opinions

  • What Happens When the Lights Go Out?

    The people of Japan discovered how to cope with severe power outages the hard way, because of the earthquake and tsunami of March 2011. Fujitsu’s award-winning role in responding to the crisis, and the part we are playing in designing and building new generation and distribution infrastructure, have timely lessons for UK energy providers.

  • Taking the Sting Out of Public Sector Cuts by Stopping Fraud and Error

    The austerity measures sweeping through the UK’s public sector present a challenging paradox to departments and authorities at all levels of government: the only way cuts will be successfully implemented without severely downgrading services is by doing “better for less”.

  • The “Post-PC Era”: What is the Future of the Desktop?

    Our faithful friend the desktop PC may well be undergoing significant change right now but has such change not been an essential part of its whole existence? A few people may question whether the desktop can survive at all in a world of iPads and smartphones but most recognise its importance. It all comes down to a question of relevance.

  • Survival of the Fittest: Meeting the Challenge of Innovation in a Risk-Averse Environment

    The general insurance market in the UK is very mature and has been established for hundreds of years. With maturity, the market has gone through a number of changes and innovation cycles to survive, embracing the evolution in technology and in the regulatory environment.

  • Seeing Through the Fog of Cloud Services

    The continued confusion around key aspects of cloud services is holding many organisations back from embracing the new model. This is particularly frustrating for many, as IT organisations – like other business functions – are under intense pressure to identify approaches that will simultaneously lower costs and improve agility and productivity.

  • Outcome-Based Agreements: From Pain to Mutual Gain

    More than ever, organisations need to squeeze all the value they can from their investments in IT systems and services. And, for CIO’s under pressure to cut costs, it must be tempting to squeeze at least some of those savings from their suppliers.


  • London , March 01, 2012
    Fujitsu Helps Injured Serviceman to Soldier On!

    Fujitsu UK & Ireland has teamed up with Soldier On! - a charity that aims to expand the breadth of opportunities available to injured army personnel – by providing Ben Parkinson, an injured serviceman, with expertise, insight and recommendations as he explores the world of IT. The initial meeting between Ben and Fujitsu in February 2012 marked the beginning of what will be a close relationship as Ben continues his recovery.

  • United Kingdom
    British Businesses Failing to Invest in IT Innovation

    The results of Fujitsu's first bi-annual Business Certainty Index has shown apathy is the main reason for the lack of investment in IT innovation.

  • London , February 17, 2014
    Fujitsu Develops New Attended Checkout Solution for Auchan

    Fujitsu today announces the development of a new attended Point of Service (POS) concept for Groupe Auchan SA, the French international retail group and multinational corporation. This new hybrid solution U-Reverse, is branded in Auchan stores as the ‘Trolley Express.’ It is designed for flexibility in queue management to better meet customers’ needs and service expectations.

  • London , February 17, 2014
    Fujitsu Takes Self-Checkout Point of Service to the Next Level

    Fujitsu now enables retailers around the world to exceed customer expectations for fast self-checkout, while improving Point of Service (PoS) economics with the introduction of the second generation of the FUJITSU U-Scan Genesis Retail Solution. The new solution increases store efficiency due to improved and highly-competitive scalability, flexibility, reliability and usability features.

  • London , January 13, 2014
    Fujitsu Introduces Solution for the New World of Omni-channel Retailing

    Fujitsu today introduces a new omni-channel Point of Service (PoS) application that allows retailers to significantly increase revenue while reducing IT costs. FUJITSU Retail Solution Market Place achieves this by supporting enterprise-wide transaction and order fulfilment to deliver a consistent and seamless buying experience to their customers via traditional point of service (PoS), online and mobile channels.

  • London , May 23, 2013
    Fujitsu Pan-European Retail Survey 2013: The Store Will Remain the Hub for Engaging with ‘Connected Customers’

    Fujitsu today reveals that despite the rise of online and mobile commerce across Europe, the store will continue to be the hub for retailer engagement with ‘connected’ customers.