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Local Government

Driving better citizen outcomes

When citizen care is delivered faster, everybody benefits. The at-risk and vulnerable are better served; resources are better used, staff are more highly motivated. The local authority vision is to ease the pressure on already stretched resources, creating more value for the community at the same time - achieving continuous improvement in its services to the community even though budgets are ever tighter.

Take a fresh look

The solutions you seek can be created faster than you may have thought. Explore our resources here to see how local government and authorities can re-empower existing assets by focussing on collaboration: between people, agencies, departments and processes. See how some already are.

Business Intelligence improves the ability to protect the at-risk and vulnerable. Data is about knowing: improving services and internal efficiencies.

Mobility empowers field workers through timely information. Agility for staff and multi-agency collaboration is about responding: higher quality citizen contact.

Digitisation shifts citizen contact to faster channels, enabling more focus on the vulnerable. Effectiveness is about accelerating: higher levels at lower costs.