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Industry IT Services and Solutions

Fujitsu is a leading IT services company that designs, builds and operates IT systems and services for large scale clients in both the public and private industries. Read more about Fujitsu's IT Services and Solutions.

Retail & Hospitality IT from Fujitsu Retail & Hospitality

At Fujitsu we start thinking about our retail IT services with a focus on the consumer.

Financial Services IT solutions for the financial sector

Fujitsu understands the pressures facing financial services institutions – and the opportunities opening up for them in new markets, channels and products. In a constantly changing world, you need technology that’s dependable, flexible and cost effective, while avoiding investment in equipment or skills that might become liabilities. That’s where a committed, expert IT partner can make a real difference.

Rethinking ICT in the energy and utilities sector The power to adapt

The energy and utilities sector is facing major challenges like never before. Commercial, regulatory and technology forces are threatening to change the shape of the industry. Yesterday's ICT strategies need rethinking and time is of the essence.

Telecommunication telecoms-banner

Fujitsu has been at the leading edge of telecommunications IT for over 60 years having been formed as a communications company in the 1930s

Government IT solutions, consulting and business benefits Touching the live of millions

Fujitsu Services has been powering government for more than 40 years. Our services enable critical functions of government at national, local, regional and devolved levels, touching the lives of millions of citizens and employees every day. We see ourselves as partners in the public service, proud of our record and determined to contribute wherever we can to the evolution of the very best services for the whole community.

Local Government Reshaping ICT, Reshaping Communities

When citizen care is delivered faster, everybody benefits. The at-risk and vulnerable are better served; resources are better used, staff are more highly motivated. The local authority vision is to ease the pressure on already stretched resources, creating more value for the community at the same time - achieving continuous improvement in its services to the community even though budgets are ever tighter.

Defence and National Security Defence

Defence and National Security

Travel and Transportation IT solutions for the transport industry

Fujitsu works with a variety of travel and transportation companies to provide better IT services for a lower cost

Manufacturing and Services Industries banner-manufacturing

Fujitsu works with leading organisations in the manufacturing and services sectors around the world.

Fujitsu in Education Discover a world of possibilities

Just as the printing press brought with it new and greater forms of acquiring knowledge, technology and the internet is doing the same for this and future generations - opening up inspiring new ways to learn

Fujitsu Healthcare Technology and Solutions Empowering better patient care

New service delivery standards, IT transformation projects and Government directives all combine to create a series of competing priorities within Healthcare. But with the central focus now firmly on the patient and handing them more control over their care, your organisation is no doubt under pressure to adapt.

Media The digital era

What does the future for media look like? What will excite and inspire the audience, subscribers, the readership and consumers? And what are the realities of the digital era?