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Infrastructure Solutions Infrastructure Solutions

Fujitsu's Infrastructure Solutions consist of various IT components, combined together to serve specific usage scenarios.

Industry Solutions Solutions overview Industry solutions

Fujitsu is a leading IT services company that designs, builds and operates IT systems and services for clients in both the public and private industries.

Business and Technology Solutions A_man_and_a_woman_discussing_together_and_looking_at_a_LIFEBOOK_T_lpr

Find out more about how our technology can help improve your business.

Fujitsu Bulut Çözümleri Cloud Computing

Bulut bilgi işlem geçici bir olay değildir, tüm işletme ekosistemini değiştirmeye ayarlı bir paradigma kayması, yani köklü bir değişikliktir.

Small Medium Enterprises Small and Medium Businesses

To be successful Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) need to respond fast and smoothly to changing conditions in their business environment.

Ortaklık Anlaşmaları People