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Professional Client Management with Fujitsu

Save resources and costs during the client lifecycle by optimizing operation of your IT assets with DeskView – the simple and efficient gateway to system management. DeskView is an integrated concept consisting of different lifecycle management solutions.

DeskView Downloads DeskView Downloads

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DeskView Load com dynamic infrastructures

DeskView Load is a powerful method for the individualization and personalization of Fujitsu devices ex-factory. It offers a high degree of individualization with smooth driver integration at very high speed. This enables a profile-driven adjustment of the operating system, the complete personalization of the device and the user-dependent individual first software pre-load.

DeskView Admin DeskView Admin

Save resources and costs with proactive system management – even remotely and after hours.

Sürücü Yönetimi Driver Management

Sistem sürücülerinizi yönetmek için güçlü araçlarımızı kullanın. DeskUpdate, sistem sürücülerinizi İnternet üzerinden kolayca en son sürüme günceller. Ayrıca sunduğumuz DeskUpdate Manager aracı, yöneticilerin yerel, özelleştirilmiş bir sürücü deposu oluşturmalarını sağlar.