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BS2000 Operating System

Multiprogramming and multiprocessing platform

Current versions: BS2000/OSD-BC V9.0 and V8.0

Announced version: BS2000 OSD/BC V10.0
Pilot release BS2000 OSD/BC V10.0: Nov 2014

BS2000-BC is the mainframe operating system platform for S, SQ, and SX Business Servers of Fujitsu. It delivers services of the highest quality for transaction systems and data and extends these quality standards to new applications based on the latest software technologies. It is unrivaled in providing an available, scalable, high-performance platform for business-critical applications that is totally compatible across numerous versions.

SQ and SX Server will be delivered with the operating system package OSD/XC. OSD/XC comprises the operating system BS2000-BC and several system support software products. More information you can find here: OSD/XC V9.0 (SQ-Server) and OSD/XC (SQ- und SX-Server) and OSD/XC4.1:

In addition to the basic configuration, the operating system BS2000 contains further components:

BS2000 OSD/BC V10.0

BS2000 OSD/BC V10.0 - Usually parallel with the new SE Business Servers and the SE Manager for central administration is the development and release of FUJITSU Software BS2000 OSD/BC V10.0 with General release in April 2015

BS2000/OSD-BC V9.0

Verimlilik, Yenilik, Açıklık ve Devamlılık BS2000/OSD-BC V9.0'un ana gelişim amacıdır.