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Fujitsu: Implementing Lean Tools and Techniques

A solid platform for growth

Lean services from Fujitsu

Fujitsu Lean
Fujitsu Services is a leading European information technology services company, with an annual turnover of £2.46 billion (€3.59 billion) and over 19,000 employees in 20 countries. The company's awardwinning Sense and Respond approach is designed to meet the needs of customers in terms of quality, cost and delivery time using minimum resources, by identifying and removing the root causes and costs of operational problems.

In order to evaluate which Lean tools and techniques could be successfully incorporated and how, Fujitsu chose to run a pilot in its Customer Services organisation, which was led by consultants from Unipart, the UK's largest independent supplier of car and truck components and a leading exponent of the Lean methodology.

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  • Servery
  • Úložiště dat
  • Klientská výpočetní zařízení
  • Periferní zařízení
  • Software


  • Cloudová řešení Fujitsu
  • Služby spravované infrastruktury
  • Konzultační služby IT
  • Aplikační služby
  • Finanční služby Fujitsu a Remarketing Fujitsu
  • Služby podpory produktů Fujitsu


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