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Hybrid Cloud - IT Security

The challenge of delivering a secure Hybrid IT environment

Hybrid Cloud is the IT model of the future, blending existing legacy systems with Cloud based services, to deliver increased flexibility, agility and significant cost efficiencies. However, despite the clear business benefits this model offers, concerns over Cloud security continue to hold some organizations back from switching to a Hybrid model.
The security challenge is to shift from securing a purely in-house data and infrastructure, to securing data across an integrated legacy and cloud environment.
Many of the security risks associated with Hybrid Cloud, occur as the result of poor service integration, where Cloud services and on-premises IT have not been effectively joined. Potential risk areas include;
  • Data aggregation across in-house systems and cloud services.
  • Opening up existing legacy applications to deliver data through public or open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Managing Hybrid Cloud security

While Hybrid Cloud may present more security challenges than traditional on-premises IT, Fujitsu has the solutions to manage these risks. Using our digital business platform MetaArc, we effectively integrate Cloud services and legacy IT systems. We build IT security in at the very start of your Hybrid Cloud journey, and provide;
  • continuous risk management
  • encryption
  • identity and access management
  • automation of applications, data monitoring and risk management
If your cloud journey has been hampered by fears over security, we can provide you with the right platform and applications to meet prevailing compliance and security requirements. We protect your data wherever it sits, and ensure it flows securely across different environments and services.
We provide ongoing monitoring and advanced cyber threat intelligence, that delivers a proactive response to any IT security threats your organization might face. We limit the time lost between security threat discovery and issue resolution.
We enable you to exploit the opportunities Hybrid Cloud offers, whilst ensuring your security is never breached.

Why choose Fujitsu to manage your Hybrid Cloud integration?

As experts in Secure Thinking, we can address your concerns over Hybrid Cloud integration. We have extensive experience integrating and co-ordinating security across Hybrid Cloud environments.
We deliver a hybrid IT model that provides more effective security protection than your existing legacy infrastructure.
  • We deliver services that align with industry regulations and standards ISO 27001/2, ISO22301:2012, DSS, PCI DSS and SOX, and meet HMG security policies.
  • We are an active member of the Cloud Security Alliance.
  • Our data centers operate with state-of-the art protocols and are monitored 24/7/365.
We have a long history working with defence and national security organizations around the globe, and have security credentials that are second to none.

The future of the data centre in the age of Hybrid IT
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