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Hybrid Cloud – Business Enablement

Fujitsu Hybrid IT Services - maximizing your business opportunities

Fujitsu is one of the top five IT Service and Solutions providers in the world, with expertise implementing Hybrid Cloud solutions on a global scale. We view Hybrid Cloud as the IT model of the future, with far more to offer than just the ability to blend traditional IT systems with Cloud services.
With a well-managed Hybrid IT infrastructure, you can future-proof your organization and keep pace with changing business and customer demands. Our Hybrid Cloud model balances the accuracy, stability and security of existing on-premises IT investment, with the speed, agility and innovation of Cloud services and apps. Our hybrid IT approach enables you to;
  • rapidly develop and deploy new services
  • rapidly take new products to market
  • rapidly scale services up or down
  • exploit new business growth areas
Organizations that have already migrated to a Cloud based platform and implemented our Hybrid IT services, have gained competitive advantage. They are more able to innovate, more responsive to changing market demand, and less vulnerable to system-performance issues and security risks.

Hybrid cloud – enabling productivity and increasing efficiency

The major goal of our Hybrid IT offering is to increase business growth and improve productivity.
Through innovative tools such as Fujitsu RunMyProcess, we enable you to develop new business processes and easily adopt new technology such as RFID, wearables and IoT, to increase user performance and productivity. By implementing our scalable, on-demand, pay-as-you-use solutions, you can streamline processes to increase business efficiency.
We enable you to deliver a user experience that remains consistent, regardless of the engagement or delivery channel. With Hybrid Cloud infrastructure, services and applications users can work at any time, on any device and in any location.

Why choose Fujitsu Hybrid Cloud Services?

We have over 2,500 cloud integration connectors and work with multiple vendors such as AWS, Oracle, Google and Microsoft. Our Hybrid model makes it easy for you to exploit new applications and technology, with little risk and at low cost.
We align IT processes with your business needs to deliver the required outcome. In providing you with the right platform and tools, we enable you to scale and grow your business without losing value in your existing IT investment. By implementing our solutions, you can;
  • reduce capital expenditure
  • achieve a greater return from your IT investment
  • empower your staff to be more productive
  • strengthen your collaboration with partners, suppliers and customers.
  • increase your competitive advantage

The future of the data centre in the age of Hybrid IT
(PDF 2.83MB)
(1.20 MB )

A data centre equipped for the Hybrid IT era blends the best of cloud and on-premise to drive innovation.

7 top data security risks for Hybrid IT - and how to tackle them (PDF 2.68MB) (2.83 MB )

Learn how to tackle new security challenges and unlock the benefits of the cloud and Hybrid IT.

The new security challenges for delivering bimodal IT (PDF 1.20MB) (499 KB)

Tackling security challenges around bimodal IT delivery will enable businesses to unlock the benefits of the cloud and Hybrid IT.