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Cloud Successes

Fujitsu: Enabling cloud transformation

While the cloud is still an area of experimentation and early adoption for many organizations, for Fujitsu the technologies underpinning cloud are not.. For more than a decade we has been putting in place a complete set of building blocks and enablement services to ensure customers reap the benefits of this fundamental shift in IT.

With the industry’s broadest cloud technology and services portfolio, encompassing purpose-built cloud data centers, sensor-based cloud applications, cloud integration software, Software as a Service delivery and more, we have already helped many customers across the world to realize the tangible benefits of cloud.

Cloud technology and enabling services — from both Fujitsu and our network of independent software vendors (ISVs), systems integrators and consulting partners — have helped our customers succeed in their cloud journey across all major sectors, from banking and car manufacturing, to telecoms and government:

Next steps on your cloud journey

These success stories range from tentative early adopters to those with ambitious, global programs. They demonstrate how our experience spans across various areas including public, private and hybrid cloud. Learn more about why these and other companies are working with Fujitsu as their trusted cloud partner.