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Executes administration functions automatically for BS2000 computer center system management procedures

Current version: V1.3

PROP-XT (Programmable Operating - Extended Features) is used to carry out BS2000 administration functions automatically in the context of system management in the computer center. The user creates his own administration procedures, using the convenient BS2000 procedure language SDF-P, including additional special PROP-XT system commands. In this way, for example, any number of complex reactions to defined system messages may be formulated. In technical terms, PROP-XT is realized as a privileged subsystem and uses the UCON interface for programmed operators.

Programming Interface 
PROP-XT presents the user with a programming interface to formulate his administration functions in so-called administration procedures (BS2000-S procedures), which, in turn, run in so-called administration processes (usually as BS2000-ENTER processes). Tasks provided are installing or removing of administration processes and objects, defining / deleting events and waiting for events, communication with administrators and administration objects and testing of administration procedures.

Administration Interface
As well as the system commands for the programming interface, PROP-XT contains a number of additional commands used for administration purposes. These are realised as special operator commands, and as such can be entered by an administrator in the same way as other operator commands at physical and logical consoles (e.g. OMNIS terminals).
PROP-XT enables the administration processes continue operating during the summer/winter time change. PROP-XT does not provide any special management functions for the administration process, rather it allows them to be managed as normal BS2000 jobs using standard methods, e.g. AVAS

PROP-XT ensures adherence to the general BS2000 data protection standard through the consistent use of UCON authorisation checks for logical consoles. With the (optional) use of SECOS, the special privilege PROP-ADMINISTRATION, which is normally only held by the system administrator, may be granted to other users.