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Fujitsu Server PRIMEQUEST 1800E2

No Time for Downtime with Windows and Linux

Fujitsu Server PRIMEQUEST 1800 E2 deliver maximum system uptime, performance and data integrity as required from true enterprise platforms for mission critical computing. They support global standard x86 Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems and add up outstanding platform reliability, error prevention and self-healing capabilities which Fujitsu have refined over generations of highly reliable Mainframe and Unix systems, on top of Intel® Xeon® standard server capabilities.


Main featuresBenefit
Almost every component redundant
  • Almost all the components can be redundantly configured
  • Unique redundancy at the heart of server, including system boards and system interconnects, offers even greater protection
  • Redundancy of internal I/O channels and PCI switches instead of singular cable mess
  • Applications on Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST 1800E2 can continue operation even if a component fails
  • Central component failure is usually fatal for continued system operation. Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST’s unique levels of redundancy can eliminate such causes of failure, enabling continuous uptime
High Availability- beyond the standard x86 Server RASPRIMEQUEST 1800E2 shifts x86 Industry Standards to a mission critical platform level
  • Selfhealing functions
  • Its built-in error prevention/correction and self-healing capabilities result in outstanding platform reliability
  • Hardware Partitions & Isolation
  • Isolated partitions run different servers inside a single system without any fault interference. Also enables to run cluster-in-a-box fail-over scenarios with less operational complexity and 50% less investment.
  • Active Reserve System Board for fast automatic recovery of services
  • Its unique support of Active Reserve system boards cares for instant automatic recovery of services in case of hard errors, where standard x86 servers need complex and time consuming manual inspection and recovery operations, that may cause 30 times longer recovery time.
  • Online Maintenance
  • All serviceable system modules can be accessed from front or rear of the system, without cabling hassle. Together with their redundancy, online maintenance is enabled and lower intervals for planned downtime are achieved.
New Cost Effectiveness over Unix servers
  • Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST 1800E2 enables lower power consumption across the total range of application workloads
  • Compact 12 U rack form factor saves on datacenter space
  • As serverresource utilization changes, PRIMEQUEST 1800E2 power consumption stays low. In particular it only consumes power according to its actual application workload.
    Its maximum power load is significantly lower than UNIX enterprise servers with comparable performance
  • Simplified server lifecycle management and lower costs

    The Fujitsu ServerView management suite takes care of PRIMERGY and PRIMEQUEST servers in your datacenter over the entire life cycle.
  • One uniform management suite for PRIMERGY x86 servers and PRIMEQUEST1800 E2 enables lower management complexity
  • Capitalizes on the x86-server management experiences of the staff
  • Reduces the need for specialized skills in managing different hardware and tool collections.
  • Lower license fees and software maintenance costs for Oracle Databases
  • Against RISC and EPIC based processor technologies (i.e. POWER® and Itanium®), Oracle® database and maintenance fees are counted with core factor 0,5 only.
  • Software and related maintenance fees benefit from the x86 industry standard ecosystems.
  • PRIMEQUEST 1800E2 does not require platform specific software versions other than x86 Industry Standards. This keeps ongoing software maintenance costs at a low level.
Much lower datacenter costs
  • Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST 1800E2 can reduce power consumption across the total range of application workloads
  • As server resource utilization changes, PRIMEQUEST 1800E2 power consumption stays low. In particular it only consumes power according to its application workload
Risk free concurrent IT production with fail-safe HW partitioning and Virtualization
  • Hardware partitioning with up to four partitions per system
  • Hardware partitions and software virtualization can be mixed in the same server
  • Standard virtualization products such as VMware vSphere 4, Hyper-V, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux KVM are supported
  • Provides a risk-free concurrent IT production with full isolation of resources and fault immunity between any partition of the system.
  • More server workloads can be consolidated per system
  • “Virtualized” application services and back-end workloads that require “physical server topologies” for top performance- such as corporate databases and transactional business applications -can be mapped onto a single server system.
  • Uniformly, all applications benefit from the platforms superb system reliability -resulting in higher SLA satisfaction
Fast Track for transition of legacy software and platform stacks which suffer from unclear future
  • Customers are concerned about the ISVs , that have started to de-focus on releasing future software versions for EPIC based technologies.
  • With PRIMEQUEST 1800 E2 , Fujitsu is the only vendor able to now provide a mission critical server built upon latest Intel Xeon E7-8800 processor technology
  • Customers have highly accepted Linux x86 and Windows x86 OS platforms also for mission critical deployment
  • PRIMEQUEST 1800E2 fully supports the x-86 software solution ecosystem and thus enables a smooth and seamless transition and relief of burdens for solutions and platforms with uncertain future.