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StorageTek SL500 Modular Library System

Simplify Backup Operations

SL3000 200x358As data volumes continue to grow and backup windows continue to shrink, the most storage libraries in midrange backup environments quickly hit their capacity and performance limits. The StorageTek SL500 modular library system addresses these challenges with the most scalable rack-mounted tape automation solution in the market today. You can start with a cost-effective configuration that meets your current backup requirements and add modules as necessary without increasing administrative complexity or reducing reliability. In addition, with standard interfaces and optional library control software you can easily share resources by connecting to other devices across multiple Windows or UNIX environments.


  • Capacity on Demand in small increments
  • Meet capacity needs and fit budgetary requirements
  • Investment protection
  • Hot-swappable drives and redundant, hot-swappable power supplies and fans
  • Minimize planned and unplanned downtime
  • High Availability
  • Heterogeneous attach and mixed-media support
  • Optimize media investments by utilizing varied technologies side by side
  • Enable Storage consolidation
  • Intelligent partitioning, sharing and managing
  • Simplify storage management and increase in-library utilization
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