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Efficient E-Mail

“Efficient E-Mail” represents the complete offer from Fujitsu for an ideal e-mail infrastructure.

With “Efficient E-Mail”, Fujitsu offers modular products and services for the setting up and completion of an ideal infrastructure in e-mail environments. This infrastructure consists of three key building-blocks: productive usage together with optional enhancement for high availability, backup and recovery, and the archiving of e-mails.

For e-mail environments, Fujitsu can provide the necessary infrastructure solution with servers, storage and accompanying software. And, of course, the solution offers services for integration and running operation to support business processes.

Fujitsu has been working on this for years with various partners and can offer its customers a best-in-class infrastructure solution.

Compliance Whitepaper

Compliance Whitepaper 92x125Fulfil compliance criteria and achieve real cost advantages.

Click here to download your free copy of the Compliance Whitepaper, version 03/2011.