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Storage Management Software

Eternus SF Express 190x190ETERNUS SF Express is bundled with ETERNUS DX entry level disk storage systems to simplify storage system management and maintenance. The software helps to monitor multiple ETERNUS DX60/DX80/DX90 disk storage systems with one centralized console. In addition to that, ETERNUS SF Express manages AdvancedCopy functions of the storage system for snapshots and clones with a simple management console.
In business continuity scenarios, the management software supports remote replication between ETERNUS DX90 disk storage systems. Overall, the storage management software ETERNUS SF Express simplifies operation and maintenance to leverage more enterprise features of ETERNUS DX entry level disk storage systems – The Data Safe.

Key featuresBenefits
Central management of multiple ETERNUS DX systems
  • Ease of use Graphical User Interface
  • ETERNUS DX disk storage systems can be monitored using a single console
  • Simplifies setup and administration
  • Manages complex storage infrastructures
  • Reduces operational expenses (OPEX)
Reliable data protection
  • Simple application independent snapshot and clone function
  • Continuous business operation with quick recovery
  • Shorter backup window for easier backups
  • Reduced recovery time with fast restores
  • Enables data protection for every eventuality
  • Optimizes IT resources for business requirements
  • Less influence of backups and restores on IT operation
  • Reduces capital expenses (CAPEX)
Disaster recovery with remote copy
  • Synchronous and asynchronous storage-based replication with ETERNUS DX90 and remote copy license for SAN and WAN distances  
  • Optimizes replication with less influence on server and application performance
  • Operates business reliably with secured and fast Disaster Recovery
Simple clear copy control
  • Intuitive Windows-like interfaces
  • Wizard-based setup of copy functions
  • Confirmation of the setting using Graphical User Interface
  • implifies setup and administration
  • Supports copy control settings and management
  • Secure configuration