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ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser

Storage Management Software

ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser 190x190ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser simplifies setup of disk storage systems and the management of ETERNUS DX storage environments. Its ability to manipulate complex storage configurations and settings enables you to implement storage environments with ease and without the need for high-level skills. 

ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser supports stable system operation by providing centralized management for the entire storage environment, including servers and Fibre Channel switches. ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser also provides storage system lifecycle functions, from configuration to maintenance. The resulting improved availability and stable operation will reduce your operation management costs, support Green IT and enable implementation of virtualized IT systems.

Key featuresBenefits
Easy storage setup
  • Pre-defined configuration templates are available
  • The templates defined and tested by user are able to be diverted
  • Highly reliable IT system resources
  • Faster and safer system expansion
  • Simplifies setup and administration
  • Manages complex storage infrastructures
Start with a small storage system (thin provisioning)
  • Allocating full capacity disk space to servers with limited physical disk capacity. On demand physical disk supplement.
  • Visualization and threshold monitoring provides presumption of physical disk supplement and prevents physical disk shortage.
  • Flexible investment, pay as customer needs
  • Green IT, reduces power consumption
  • Reduces capital expenses (CAPEX) and operational expenses (OPEX)
Power saving storage with ECO-Mode
  • Stop disks rotation when not in use
  • Visualization of power consumption and temperature
  • Green IT, reduces power consumption
  • Reduces OPEX
Understanding performance bottlenecks
  • Visualization of historical performance of disk storage systems and fibre channel switches
  • Provides workload conditions, bottlenecks and alarm with the threshold setting
  • Prevent performance problems
  • Sustain high quality service levels
  • Enables to optimize system resources