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Online Storage System FAS2040

Easy data management for midrange and high end enterprises

FAS2040 Filer provides departmental and remote-office storage in distributed enterprise environments. The system offer integrated block- and file-level data access, intelligent management software, and data-protection capabilities. The FAS2040 is a cost-effective system include serial attached SCSI (SAS) drive support, versatile I/O connectivity, and built-in remote management. The system offers unified file and block storage. That means one solution for CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, and FC SAN storage protocols. In addition, the Data ONTAP® operating system bolsters storage efficiency through higher utilization of capacity and through thin provisioning (FlexVol® and FlexClone®) and Snapshot™ technology. The storage capacity is online scalable up to 136 TB and therefore provides solid investment protection. Without the need for data migration the FAS2040 can be upgraded to the next larger NAS storage systems.


Key FeaturesBenefits
Single architecture and user interface simplify data management and reduce cost for SAN, NAS and iSCSI deployment.
Prioritizes storage resource allocation to highest value workloads on a heavily loaded system.
Assures best performance is provided to designated high-priority applications.
DataFabric® Operations Manager
Investment protection
Flexible architectures are possible
Ideal for building cost optimized storage networks
Makes incremental, data-in-place, point-in-time copies of a LUN or volume with minimal performance impact
Enables frequent, nondisruptive, space-efficient and quickly restorable backups