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Basic structures for systems and distributed applications

Current versions: V11.0 and V8.0

HIPLEX MSCF establishes the basic structures for load sharing and availability clusters with up to 164 BS2000 business servers, as well as for distributed applications. The HIPLEX servers attached to the MSCF network must be networked together via openNet Server.

HIPLEX MSCF can implement four kinds of coupled systems which build upon one another:
  • Loosely Coupled System (LCS) with up to 164 BS2000/OSD servers for job control, catalogue access and job monitoring using JVs in the network. 
  • Closely Coupled System (CCS) The CCS network includes LCS functionality and adds password protection as well as basic functions for SPVS - and XCS-Coupled Systems. 
  • Shared Pubset - SPVS Coupled System with shared pubsets and master reconfiguration for up to 16 BS2000/OSD servers per pubset. 
  • Cross Coupled System (XCS) with up to 16 BS2000/OSD servers and XCS pubset for consistent cluster administration and functions for distributed applications. The XCS Coupled System includes SPVS- functionality.