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Helping Our Customers Rebuild

We, at Fujitsu, would like to express our heartfelt condolences to everyone who has been affected by the Tohoku earthquake which hit Japan on March 11, 2011. We extend our deepest wishes for the early recovery of all in the disaster-stricken regions.

Tokyo, May 06, 2011

First, I would like to talk about the Fujitsu Group's production plants. As a result of the aftershocks that hit eastern Japan on April 7 and 11, we were again forced to halt operations and perform inspections on some of our semiconductor facilities' production lines in Iwate and Fukushima prefectures. These plants have now resumed regular operations since April 20. In addition, a portion of Fujitsu's desktop PC production, which had been temporarily shifted to our facilities in Shimane to ensure continued operations, has returned to eastern Japan. Fukushima's server/desktop PC production facilities have now been restored to their pre-disaster state. Fujitsu will continue to do its utmost with regard to components procurement in order to ensure continued operations. Although aftershocks continue to occur, I am pleased to inform you that we have been steadily continuing operations at our production plants. This is in large part due to Fujitsu's emphasis on business continuity management in our production system, our ability to leverage our prior experience in handling disasters, and through the efforts or our employees.

Fujitsu products are an important link in the global supply chains of our customers. Together with providing a firm foundation of support for social infrastructure, we bear a crucial responsibility to ensure that shipments of our products are not disrupted so as to avoid adversely impacting the businesses of our customers throughout the world. In light of efforts to rebuild, Fujitsu is working all-out to ensure that the operations at our production plants continue, keeping the spirit of manufacturing innovation alive in the affected regions.

To aid those in the disaster-stricken regions, the Fujitsu Group is collaborating with local governments and non-profit organizations on a wide range of specific assistance activities. These efforts range from donating daily necessities such as batteries and flashlights, to offering cloud-based applications free-of-charge, an initiative launched within days after the disaster struck. For people living at evacuation centers in the affected regions, we are also providing support by employing Fujitsu's information and communication technology (ICT) to enable Internet browsing environments and local television programs as a means for people to acquire information.

Over a month and a half has passed since the disaster. We are beginning to see a gradual shift from disaster recovery towards rebuilding. Fujitsu will continue to provide consistent support to meet the needs of customers in their recovery process. At the same time, as customers begin to undertake this transition, we will continue to place emphasize on their business continuity. We intend to put forth proposals that, going beyond the mere restoration of front-line operations, leverage the power of Fujitsu's ICT solutions to create a brighter tomorrow. Fujitsu's brand promise, "shaping tomorrow with you," represents our pledge to work hand-in-hand with customers to bring about a prosperous future for society. The Fujitsu Group will continue to thoroughly fulfill its responsibility for social infrastructure, while at the same time working together with customers to actively support their business activities. Fujitsu is an ICT company committed to the efforts of rebuilding the affected regions and the Japanese economy.

Masami Yamamoto President and Representative Director Fujitsu Limited



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