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Fujitsu forenkler og påskynder kostnadseffektiv overgang til Windows 7

DeskView Advanced Migration og DeskView Load reduserer infrastrukturkompleksiteten

Oslo, July 30, 2010

Fujitsu kunngjør i dag DeskView Advanced Migration, en ny løsning som tilbyr en forenklet og mer kostnadseffektiv måte for bedrifter å migrere til ny hardware og de nyeste operativsystemer som Microsoft Windows 7.

Den engelske pressemeldingen følger i sin helhet under.

Fujitsu Simplifies and Speeds Cost-Efficient Transition to Windows 7

DeskView Advanced Migration and DeskView Load reduce infrastructure complexity

Munich, July 30, 2010 ― Fujitsu today announces DeskView Advanced Migration, a new solution providing an easier and more cost-efficient way for enterprises to migrate to new hardware and the latest desktop operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 7.

DeskView Advanced Migration complements Fujitsu’s Managed Workplace solution, which helps large enterprises constantly evaluate and update their IT infrastructures to make sure they are optimized both for best performance and efficiency.

As IT spending bounces back from the global economic crisis, estimates suggest there are more than 70 million outdated PCs and notebooks in the market. Many are running the Microsoft Windows XP operating system, which is nearing the end of its technical scope. This factor, along with the prospect of higher system maintenance costs for out-of-warranty notebooks and PCs, underlines the need for enterprises to start planning a switch to updated PCs and notebooks running a newer operating system, such as Windows 7.

However, migration can be costly, time intensive and arduous, so companies must develop a strategy for keeping their IT infrastructure up-to-date. Already optimized for Windows 7, DeskView Advanced Migration is designed to make the transfer of personal data and settings as fast, easy and seamless as possible. Once the process is complete, DeskView Advanced Migration securely deletes all data on old hard disk drives, allowing companies to sell redundant hardware without any risk of security breaches.

DeskView Advanced Migration offers a choice of upgrade paths from all current Microsoft Windows operating systems and is compatible with hardware from all Windows PC and notebook vendors. It is also ideal for companies planning a switch to cloud-based desktop computing, since it allows for the creation of a virtual image from old systems, and can upgrade virtual as well as physical machines.

For end users, the upgrade process is seamless and painless – all documents, applications and personalized settings remain intact and ready to use immediately, including customized applications as well as standard desktop software such as Microsoft Office, Outlook certificates, connection settings, personal folders and templates. In addition, Fujitsu offers a dedicated service element to migrate specific corporate customer data and settings for proprietary programs. Overall, this helps companies to eliminate the productivity loss that takes place when individuals must reestablish personalized settings on their new machines.

DeskView Load, part of Managed Workplace, was developed from internal Fujitsu best-practices to simplify the process of personalizing individual desktop PCs and notebooks. From installing software and hardware, to deploying solutions and managing assets, Fujitsu’s DeskView Load saves costs during roll-outs as well as during reinstallations throughout the product lifecycle.

During the installation process, DeskView Load handles all hardware dependencies and eliminates the need for driver evaluation. It only requires one image for all configurations. Deploy and drop shipment to the end-user is also possible, and DeskView Load does not require a roll-out center. Automated pre-staging for additional processing in existing infrastructure saves companies time and resource in managing assets.

Rajat Kakar, Vice President Workplace Systems at Fujitsu Technology Solutions says: “Fujitsu continues to invest in R&D for products as well as services. We are realizing for ourselves the benefits of Managed Workplace solutions for our own infrastructure and are reaping the benefits of seamless conversion of our Workplace systems to Windows 7.”

DeskView Load and DeskView Advanced Migration are available immediately from Fujitsu in CEMEA&I. Pricing is both country- and module-specific.

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