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ROBAR (BS2000)

An automated robotic cartridge mounting, retrieval and return system linked to BS2000 hosts

Current version: V7.5

In data centers with large data volumes there is usually a great number of magnetic media. For large-scale configurations manual methods of tape processing require an inordinate amount of time and effort for the handling and archiving of tapes.
Fujitsu Software BS2000 ROBAR manages and automates the media management on BS2000 servers in combination with the virtual archive system FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS and the real archive systems of QUANTUM Corp.

This virtualization and ROBAR-automation provide customers with key economic benefits:
  • Reduction of operation-failures via automation. 
  • Optimum use of tape drives and media. 
  • Increased performance of MTC processing through parallelization. 
  • Improved capacity exploitation for high-capacity media. 
  • Higher availability via failover-configurations and failover-automation.