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Asset Management Company: SaaS Solution

Case Study:  

Asset Management Company: SaaS Solution

"The project delivered a tightly integrated, highly tailored solution which excited both the users and the management, as they realised the potential they would have to exceed their various objectives and targets using the new system."

DownloadDownload the 'Asset Management' case study PDF (347 KB) [318 KB]

Photograph of piles of coinsAs an organisation providing access to high grade quality investments across a range of asset sectors, our client has an increasing reliance on its Client Relationship Management System. was used to provide a range of tools that enabled the client to become more efficient at maintaining existing investment information and winning more investment from existing investors and new business - for both the retail and the advisor channels. The system also supports the unique needs of the Fund Management division and the Loan Business.

The aim was to completely replace the current in-house system whilst at the same time improving all the business processes to meet the strategic imperatives of the client. In addition, a whole new “Registrar Processing Subsystem” was required to automate the importing of the register position on a daily or monthly basis. 

DownloadDownload the 'Asset Management' case study PDF (347 KB) [318 KB]

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