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FHS (BS2000)

Format Handling System for mask-oriented user interfaces

Current version: V8.3

FHS enables BS2000/OSD applications to be equipped with a graphic or alphanumeric, mask-oriented user interface. Thanks to the use of dialog elements conforming to the Alpha Style Guide it is possible to design user interfaces that correspond to "Guidelines for the design of character-oriented user interfaces".

The benefits are:
  • The use of FHS makes application programming largely independent of the physical characteristics of the connected data display terminal peripherals. 
  • FHS enables formatted messages to be printed out on terminal printers or, subject to restrictions, on high-speed printers. 
  • FHS is available for programs in interactive mode (TIAM), in openNet Server (DCAM) applications, and in transaction processing mode (openUTM). 
  • FHS supports UNICODE.