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BS2000 Services

Increase the efficiency of your operating procedures

Our offer is uncompromising availability and operational security for BS2000 systems with utmost profitability and cost transparency. BS2000 services help you to reduce your overall IT costs and simultaneously convince your users and customers via overall top quality.
Dynamic Infrastructures
This BS2000 service offer identifies all those factors which influence the security in your IT operations. Your IT infrastructure is designed more efficiently and becomes more sustainable for the future as we design intelligent solutions in partnership with you.


BS2000 as a Service

Fujitsu Data Center with BS2000-Infrastructure and staff for customer requirements are available. The complete responsibility for the BS2000 operation along the entire value chain can be assured by Fujitsu.

Managed Data Center BS2000

Fujitsu supports the operation of customers BS2000 infrastructure remote or on-site.

BS2000 Solutions

With BS2000 Solutions, Fujitsu offers standardized solutions and usage scenarios along the entire value chain for Consult, Design & Build services, for an optimal capacity workload and resource balancing of the BS2000 infrastructure.

Fujitsu Product Support Services Product Support Services

In addition to its cutting-edge products, Fujitsu offers standardized Product Support Services covering a broad range of products.