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Product, Solutions and Options

‘Ready4You’ products offer quick, easy, and simple finance solutions.  

‘Designed4You’ products are tailor made to suit your businesses specific needs. It may include a trade-in option; a migration from one platform to another; or a complete Dynamic Capacity solution custom built for the Dynamic Data Center.

For more information about each product Fujitsu Financial Services can offer, please select from the table below:
  • Finance Lease
  • Lease Purchase
  • Technology Refresh
  • Operating Lease    
  • International Master Lease
  • Deferred Payment
  • Dynamic Capacity
  • Migration/Consolidation
  • Price Per Seat
  • Sale and Lease Back 
  • Technology X-Change
  • End of Term Services


  • Серверы Fujitsu PRIMERGY
  • Серверы Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST
  • Системы хранения данных
  • Персональные системы
  • Периферия


  • Услуги по созданию управляемой инфраструктуры
  • Управляемое сопровождение
  • Услуги для рабочих мест
  • Услуги Fujitsu по сопровождению и технической поддержке


  • Инфраструктурные решения
  • Виртуальные клиентские системы
  • Business Solution Catalog

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