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Oracle Cloud Services

Oracle Cloud Services Oracle and Fujitsu announcement

Fujitsu and Oracle: Enterprise Cloud co-creation at global scale

Oracle partner logoThroughout our long-standing partnership, Fujitsu and Oracle have co-created innovative solutions for thousands of enterprise customers across the globe.

As a Platinum Partner and Global Provider of Oracle Cloud, Fujitsu can accelerate your Oracle-based transformation journey. Through our truly agnostic approach to Hybrid IT and expertise in Oracle platforms and applications, we help you to achieve:

  • A simple migration path to Oracle cloud for any type of on-premise workload. 
  • Legacy app modernisation and platform management via a single provider. 
  • Integration of existing platforms with Oracle Cloud and Fujitsu K5 – allowing you to take advantage of their IaaS, PaaS and digital ‘connected’ services.

Transform, Integrate and Manage Oracle Cloud

Our global partnership allows organizations with Oracle workloads to have a clear path to the cloud – and then have their platforms and apps integrated and fully managed from end-to-end:

Seamlessly migrate between Oracle Cloud and any cloud or legacy platform by leveraging our Hybrid IT Transformation Services
Whichever platforms you currently have, you can integrate and connect them easily to applications on Oracle CloudOpen a new window and Fujitsu Cloud Service K5
Effortlessly control Oracle workloads on your Oracle cloud with our Hybrid IT Managed Services. We can also give you the tools to orchestrate Oracle cloud and all of your other platforms through a single pane of glass.

Optimize your Oracle Cloud and Applications Estate

Our expertise and partnership with Oracle doesn’t stop at infrastructure; it goes right across the technology stack. Regardless of the size and type of your organization, together we have the technologies and experience to optimize your Oracle applications – helping you to achieve:

  • Increased Oracle application efficiency. 
  • Reduced Oracle running costs. 
  • Greater value and ROI from your oracle investments

With our rich heritage, established partnership and ability to deliver enterprise cloud and applications globally – Oracle and Fujitsu are here to accelerate your digital transformation.

Oracle Cloud Services