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Best platform for SAP HANA

Applicable models: PRIMEQUEST 2800B, 2800E, 2400E

PRIMEQUEST 2000 is the rare SAP HANA platform because of its supreme scalability and resulting single box SAP HANA solution. PRIMEQUEST 2800E and 2800B can accommodate very large database in their single chassis. This solution helps you enjoy best cost efficiency for entire system life cycle from installation, operation to upgrade.

Supreme Scalability of PRIMEQUEST

PRIMEQUEST 2800E and 2800B have much higher scalability for memory storage up to 12TB – and model 2400E with 4 socket can have 6 TB of memory.
Even 4 socket model has higher memory capacity than high end UNIX server with max. 4 TB.



PRIMEQUEST 2800E, 2800B can helps you upscale your SAP HANA system up to 6TB of memory always with single server.