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Minimize maintenance

Using old product versions results in interruptions to productive IT operations, for example during data backup or migration, when updating or upgrading software and when carrying out hardware maintenance.
However, if state-of-the art hardware and software is used such maintenance activities would not result in any interruption times or at least it would greatly reduce the number of breaks.

All the products listed below help to greatly reduce the need for so-called planned interruptions. They play an important role ensuring that the IT is always available when needed and without any limitations


Offers the option of mirroring disk drives in the BS2000 via doubled I/0 events


Creates physical backup copies in the BS2000 which are used to recover a disk. The backup and recovery times can be greatly reduced using current FDDRL versions.


Hierarchic storage management system to implement Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) on the BS2000 platform. The extended automation and reduced backup/restore times minimize operational breaks as a result of using the current HSMS versions.


Enables automated administration of data media in a BS2000 data center.


Allows UNIX programs to run after porting on a BS2000 mainframe without problems.


The high-performance relational database system for business-critical solutions with BS2000.


Provides Commands and information services for controlling the functions of the disk storage systems FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS DX and EMC VMAX.


This is a powerful procedure for a BS2000 system administrator used to optimize disk storage whereby the reorganization - when using current versions - can take place during running operations.

Virtualization (VM2000)

The virtualization of BS2000 with VM2000 leads to reduced IT costs for the organization through increased efficiency, flexibility and response capability, and enables optimal use of system resources