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Classic Desktop Mainboards

Classic Desktop Mainboards

Mainboards for standard office applications.
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Mainboard D3400-B Mainboard D3400-B - side view

The FUJITSU Classic Desktop Mainboard D3400-B is equipped with an Intel® H110 Express Chipset and the 6th generation of Intel® Core™ i processor. Impressing by a silent and secure system the FUJITSU D3400-B is especially preferred in the office area. It provides best functionality for standard business tasks at attractive prices.

Mainboard D3401-B Mainboard D3401-B - side view

The FUJITSU Mainboard D3401-B of the Classic Desktop Series is combined with an Intel® Q150 Express Chipset and an Intel® Core™ processor of the 6th generation. The FUJITSU D3401-B enables the user to operate 24/7 with a maximum TDP of 65W and provide high-end data transmission due to M.2 SSD onboard support.

Mainboard D3410-B Mainboard D3410-B - side view

The FUJITSU Mainboard D3410-B of the Classic Desktop Series is the best choice for office applications. Supporting the Intel® Core™ i processor of the 6th generation and powered by the Intel® B150 Express Chipset this ultra small µATX mainboard provides best functionality and longevity for 24/7 continious operation at 45°Celsius.

FUJITSU Mainboard D3230-B mATX Mainboard D3230-B - interfaces

The FUJITSU D3230-B mainboard is the cost efficient solution for business and office tasks. The 4th generation of Intel® Core™ i7 / i5 / i3, Pentium and Celeron processors will be supported. The small size of these mainboard enables you and your customer to use slim chassis solutions.

FUJITSU Mainboard D3221-B mATX Mainboard D3221 - side view

The FUJITSU D3221-B Classic Desktop Mainboard is the right choice for higher needs in office environments. This Classic Desktop Mainboard is based on the Intel® Q85 Express Chipset and supports 3rd Generation of Core i-Processors. Besides the native USB 3.0 Support, the Fujitsu D3221-B will be equipped with a Trusted Platform Module, Display Port 1.2 and an Intel® Network Controller.

FUJITSU Mainboard D3220-B mATX Fujitsu Mainboard D3220 - side view

The FUJITSU D3220-B Classic Desktop Mainboard is the most reasonable solution for business needs. Featured by the 4th Generation Intel® Core™ processors and the Intel® B85 Express Chipset the Fujitsu D3220-B fulfill latest performance needs.