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Message from the CEO

Achieving Human Centric Innovation
for Co-Creation in a Digital Society

Shigeru Sasaki, CEO and Representative Director, FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD.

At Fujitsu Laboratories, we are promoting research and development on cutting-edge technologies and creating business models for their practical use, with a mission to realize innovation that drastically transform the society and contribute to the growth of the Fujitsu Group. Seeing the world from a global point of view, we are working on emerging technologies related to ICT from advanced materials, next-generation devices, networks and cloud systems to the creation of next-generation solutions and services.

Due to the rapid progress of ICT, and the fusion of new cutting-edge technologies such as Mobile, IoT, Big data, AI and Security, all sorts of things are being connected with unprecedented scale and speed, and people, things, information and events are being digitized. For realizing digital transformations in business and society, we need an excellent digital business platform as a "co-creation arena," where technologies, products, services, and business models are dynamically connected. To meet this demand, Fujitsu Labs presents the "Hyperconnected Cloud" as its medium-term vision of next-generation ICT systems, and while continuing new R&D, it is co-creating an ecosystem through this platform across different industries and fields for the digital society.

In a digital society undergoing massive changes, in order to strongly promote the growth strategies of our customer companies, we are implementing the following three measures.
First, we are continually generating and disseminating R&D results that, we hope, will amaze people around the world. Second, we are rapidly deploying these results in PoC and PoB on a global scale. And finally, we are creating new business models that resonate throughout the world and bring about business innovation.

Based on this policy, Fujitsu Labs, working together with the 160,000 employees of the Fujitsu Group around the world, is not only developing cutting-edge technology for co-creation in the digital society, but also achieving human centric innovation ― creating new value centered on people.

Shigeru Sasaki
  CEO and Representative Director


ICT:Information and Communication Technology

IoT:Internet of Things

AI:Artificial Intelligence

PoC:Proof of Concept

PoB:Proof of Business