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R&D Initiatives

Fujitsu Laboratories' Eight Emerging Technologies for Leading the World

For promoting global Digital Co-creation with our customers, Fujitsu Laboratories is pushing forward with research and development by focusing on the eight emerging technologies that will lead the world.

Technology Topics

Articles and videos about Fujitsu Labs' technologies

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  • [November 7, 2018] Fujitsu Laboratories’ New AI Solver Platform Enables Next Generation of Real-Time AI Simulators
    Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe announces the development of a new AI-based technology and platform, designed to convert traditional physics-based simulators into fast, highly accurate AI simulators. Fujitsu’s AI Solver represents an important breakthrough for industrial applications, revolutionizing fields such as CAE, product design and autonomous smart device performance. In the case of CAE, simulation plays a key role in reducing the number of costly prototype and product failures, supporting design decisions as well as for verification and validation. The AI Solver revolutionizes the speed of the simulation process, with commensurate business advantages. The platform is the result of a joint development program between Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd, Fujitsu Advanced Technologies Ltd and Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe.
  • [November 2, 2018] Fujitsu Receives EcoBalance 2018 "Award for Best Business Practices"
    Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. have received the Award for Best Business Practices at EcoBalance 2018 (the 13th Biennial International Conference on EcoBalance), for initiatives relating to evaluating the environmental impact of energy and resource use, with an aim toward the fulfillment of the United Nation’s sustainable development goals (SDGs). These initiatives were conducted as part of a feasibility study with the goal of reducing data center emissions to zero.
  • [October 31, 2018] Fujitsu Develops Technology to Predict Biochemical Reactions, Clarifying the Mechanisms of Genetic Disorders
    Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., the Insight Centre for Data Analytics, a data analytics research institution based in Ireland, and Fujitsu (Ireland) Limited today announced the development of a technology that makes it possible to predict large volumes of unknown chemical reactions, about twice as many as the conventional procedure.