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Managed Maintenance

Consolida i service contract con successo

In ambienti distribuiti su scala internazionale, eterogenei e spesso complessi, i provider di servizi software e hardware devono poter lavorare in maniera perfettamente coordinata. La Managed Maintenance Fujitsu consente di rispondere a questa sfida. Di fatto, vi consente di controllare al meglio i contratti di servizio nel vostro ambiente multivendor, definendo precise responsabilità di servizio, coordinando ed eseguendo i servizi di manutenzione e, se necessario, garantendo il controllo del rispetto dei contratti di servizio (SLA) siglati con diversi fornitori e provider di servizi, anche su scala internazionale.
  • Consolidate service contracts
  • Consolidate telephone numbers
  • Consolidate service reports
  • Make the invoicing of services more flexible
  • Standardize service level agreement
  • Automate asset maintenance
  • End-to-end clear service responsibilities via management from one source
  • Flexible and scalable – at any time - to fit requirements exactly
  • Handle complexity from contact administration to contract management even from a local to a global level
  • Single point of contact for all existing service contracts in a heterogeneous IT infrastructure, multi-lingual support in 26 languages, 24x7 in all time zones (follow-the-sun principle)
  • If required, single point of responsibility for all service contracts
  • Profit from the expertise and experience of Fujitsu gained in Managed Maintenance since more than 25 years in all branches with well satisfied  customers.

  • United Kingdom , Industries: Food & Beverage , Retail
    McDonald’s UK utilizes the CARE programme for preventing maintenance issues in its restaurants

    Together McDonald’s and Fujitsu have developed the CARE programme – a team of dedicated engineers who proactively support each restaurant to increase uptime. Tags: Mobility , Storage Management

  • Germany , Industry: Insurance
    Fujitsu Data Center Management & Automation monitors AOK’s holistic IT infrastructure

    AOK’s Hannover data center has benefitted from considerably increased reliability since the introduction of Fujitsu DCMA. The administrators can now intervene early to prevent errors. Almost all of the server and network components at the Hannover data center have now been added to the monitoring system with Fujitsu DCMA. Tags: Data Center , SAP Solutions

  • Australia , New Zealand , Industry: others
    Weta Digital Outsources its Infrastructure Services

    Weta Digital is a five-time Academy Award® winning visual effects and digital production services facility based in Wellington, New Zealand. Its reputation for creativity and delivery keeps it in high demand with some of the world’s leading film studios, and film credits include The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Avatar and The Adventures of Tintin. Tags: IT infrastructure

  • Italy , Industry: Government
    Ministero del Lavoro

    Ammodernare l’infrastruttura IT, consolidando e centralizzando i servizi, e implementare soluzioni in grado di garantire accesso remoto alle applicazioni business Tags:


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