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Hybrid Storage Systems

Up-to-date business-critical data inventories form the backbone of each and every enterprise. Online storage solutions from Fujitsu protect this data from loss and store it in a most cost-effective way.

Disk Storage: ETERNUS DX Disk Storage Systems

Based on a unique consistent system design ETERNUS DX is a seamless family of disk storage systems ranging from the entry-level to the high-end data center class.

Storage Subsystems: ETERNUS JX Storage Subsystem: ETERNUS JX

The Fujitsu ETERNUS JX storage subsystems, which are directly attached to a server, support mixed disk drive configurations with easy handling and low investment costs.

Storage NAS: sistemi NetApp NetApp Filer overview

Prestazioni elevate e massima disponibilità per il consolidamento e la semplificazione della gestione dei dati