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ETERNUS CS Data Protection Appliances

Data Protection Appliances for dynamic infrastructures

Le appliance di protezione dei dati ETERNUS CS offrono una straordinaria protezione dei dati per le infrastrutture dinamiche. ETERNUS CS riduce al minimo i tempi di backup e soddisfa pienamente gli obiettivi relativi ai tempi di ripristino per tutti gli ambienti business critical.

ETERNUS CS assicura il consolidamento dei dispositivi di storage per la protezione dei dati: ciò consente di semplificare le attività amministrative dell'azienda, risparmiare sui consumi energetici e ridurre il costo totale dello storage, utilizzando al contempo le tecnologie economicamente più vantaggiose.

FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS200c S3 ETERNUS CS200c Entry with reflection

FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS200c is an all-in-one backup solution including the right-sized hardware, Commvault software and the necessary licenses for the various capacity requirements. It enables the hassle-free setup of a comprehensive backup and archiving environment and reduces the implementation time by up to 60%. It perfectly supports data backup for business applications, virtualized and hyper-converged environments.

FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS800 S6 ETERNUS CS800 (with reflection)

FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS800 is a turnkey data protection appliance and provides a simple and affordable solution for customers which follow a disk backup strategy with deduplication. The advanced deduplication technology reduces typical disk capacity requirements for disk to disk backup by up to 95%.

FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS8000  ETERNUS CS High End console Mood

ETERNUS CS8000 is a datacenter solution for backup storage for mainframe and open systems. Its intelligent process automation and pooling of storage capacity reduces the TCO for complex backup environments by 40%. Unique scalability in capacity and performance makes ETERNUS CS8000 a viable solution, delivering ongoing cost savings.

NetBackup Appliance NetBackup Appliance

Veritas NetBackup software simplifies and strengthens data protection throughout the enterprise

ETERNUS CS Expert Community BS2000 Solutions

The ETERNUS CS Expert Community is a coalition of member organizations that use an ETERNUS CS data protection appliance. Its mission is to provide information exchange enabling the effective use of ETERNUS CS and to satisfy the information needs of members.