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Touch Panels

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In this era where media, leisure and workspace are digitising, the use of touch panels has become more common. Fujitsu recognizes the need for high good quality touch panels and has designed touch panels for a wide range of applications. Fujitsu touch panels generally have high transparency, low reflection and are known for their high standard quality.

Fujitsu's product range exists of 4-wire, 5-wire, 7-wire and multi input resistive touch panels designed and developed to match high quality standards.

The 4-wire series consists of industry-standard products that are ideal for small mobile applications such as PDAs and mobile phones. The 5-wire touch panels feature a design construction that improves linearity and allows maximization of the active touch input area especially in large-size and wide-aspect ratio displays. The Fujitsu 7-wire series utilizes an unique proven technology of measuring the input on two layers to achieve an excellent and precise performance. The new resistive multi-input panels can process single-tap and multi-touch input from nearly any object using varying pressure – e.g., a heavy gloved finger, credit card edge, standard pens, a light finger touch, etc. This capability results in accurate, stylus-handwriting input and enables two-finger manipulation, including pinch, push, rotate and scroll functionality (to zoom or rotate pictures). Both finger and stylus action can be performed simultaneously.

Product Portfolio

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Resistive Touch Panels

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Feather Touch Panels Offer 4-wire Multi-Touch Input

Blending the best of Resistive and ProCap technology, Feather Touch panels expand multi-touch input to new applications.

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Fujitsu Develops Dual-Touch Controller IC for Resistive Touch Panels

New technology brings pinch, expand, rotate, and swipe/flick gestures to industrial and medical applications.

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