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  • Europe, Munich, July, 29 2013
    Fujitsu Introduces Intelligent Server Backbone for a New Era
    Fujitsu today enables businesses of all sizes and pockets to thrive in an age of exploding demand for applications, data and digital content with the introduction of its new generation of FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY Systems.
  • Europe, Munich, July, 23 2013
    Fujitsu Delivers Robust, End-to-end Cloud-based Messaging Security Powered by Symantec
    Fujitsu today launches a new cloud-based solution that minimizes the risks, costs and complexity of ensuring robust messaging security. Combining the breadth of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) security and cloud expertise from Fujitsu with messaging and web security technology from Symantec, Fujitsu Cloud End User Protect provides an end-to-end security solution for medium to large enterprises, bringing a new cloud-based delivery method to Fujitsu’s extensive security services portfolio.
  • Europe, Munich, July, 22 2013
    Fujitsu adds IT Management as a Service to its Growing Global Cloud Portfolio
    Fujitsu today helps enterprises of all sizes and ISVs to gain greater insight into their ICT operations – supporting the modernization of their infrastructures and their innovation of new business services – with the global availability of Fujitsu IT Management as a Service (ITMaaS).
  • Europe, Munich, July, 16 2013
    Fujitsu ETERNUS DX Adds up to 50 Per Cent Performance at No Extra Cost and Shattering the 1,000,000 IOPS Ceiling
    Fujitsu today announces several enhancements to the ETERNUS DX family of disk-based storage systems to significantly broaden and deepen access to performance-hungry scenarios such as business analytics, data bases and online transaction processing (OLTP).
  • Europe, Munich, July, 11 2013
    Fujitsu Declares Comprehensive, Global, Trusted Cloud Strategy
    Fujitsu today delivers the choice and integration support services that organizations need to keep pace with change, innovate their businesses, and navigate cloud complexity. Leveraging its ICT heritage and international presence, Fujitsu declares a global strategy and strengthens every aspect of its end-to-end portfolio of services and solutions for cloud.
  • Europe, Munich, July, 11 2013
    Fujitsu Delivers Hybrid Cloud Data Backup and Recovery
    Fujitsu today offers business customers of all sizes a fail-proof, global cloud-based backup and recovery service, with the immediate availability of Fujitsu Backup as a Service (BaaS). Incorporating best-in-class EVault technology, Fujitsu BaaS is agile, scalable, simple to use and with end-to-end security it provides safe storage for sensitive business data. This offering is a key component in the company’s end-to-end cloud portfolio, which is designed to provide businesses with the choice they need to modernize IT structures and innovate new types of services.



  • Europe, Munich, May, 29 2013
    Fujitsu’s Long Lifecycle Family Beats Technology Migration Deadlines
    Fujitsu today announces a Long Lifecycle line of solutions aimed at taking the pressure off ICT Managers who are racing to complete corporate migrations to new operating systems. As new PC and notebook chipsets arrive on the market that are no longer compatible with legacy operating systems, so Fujitsu is providing a lifeline in terms of extended support and guaranteed future compatibility.
  • Europe, Munich, May, 28 2013
    Fujitsu Brings Simplicity to High Performance Computing
    Fujitsu today introduces a new initiative making it easier than ever for companies to harness the power of High Performance Computing (HPC), with solutions that enable faster product development and accelerated time to market – plus an intuitive new user interface and complete system pricing now that is more affordable than ever.
  • Europe, Neckarsulm, Germany, May, 27 2013
    Dr. Pfleger pharmaceuticals: greater flexibility thanks to TDS and SAP Landscape Transformation
    Pharmaceuticals manufacturer Dr. Pfleger has segregated its SAP ERP Human Capital Management solution from its SAP ERP system.
  • Europe, Munich, May, 23 2013
    Fujitsu Pan-European Retail Survey 2013: The Store will Remain the Hub for Engaging with ‘Connected Customers’
    Fujitsu today reveals that despite the rise of online and mobile commerce across Europe, the store will continue to be the hub for retailer engagement with ‘connected’ customers.
  • Europe, Munich, May, 15 2013
    Fujitsu Recognized as a Leader of Point-of-Service Solutions
    Fujitsu today announces that it has been recognized in the Leaders category of The Forrester Wave: Point of Service, Q2 20121, recently published by global research and advisory firm, Forrester Research, Inc. The report findings are based on a 70-point criteria evaluation of Point of Service vendors. Forrester, which reviewed the Fujitsu GlobalSTORE Point of Service (PoS) solution, looked at how companies such as Fujitsu are helping retailers implement large-scale PoS systems.
  • Europe, Munich/Hanover, May, 07 2013
    New Fujitsu LIFEBOOK Provides Gateway to the Full Touch Experience test
    Fujitsu today introduces a new multimedia notebook with multiple-touch display, designed to combine an intuitive touch-based Windows 8 experience with all-round performance for home and office use.



  • Europe, Munich, March, 28 2013
    Jürgen Walter Appointed Senior Vice President Central Europe - Rupert Lehner Appointed Senior Vice President Sales Germany
    Fujitsu today announces the appointment of Jürgen Walter as Senior Vice President of the Cluster Central Europe at Fujitsu, and Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH Germany. As Head of the Central Europe Cluster, which includes Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Walter will not only drive the business in one of Fujitsu’s most important markets but also continue to serve as a member of Fujitsu’s Executive Team for its Continental Europe, Middle East, Africa and India (CEMEA&I) region, reporting to Chief Executive Officer Rod Vawdrey.
  • Europe, Munich, March, 21 2013
    Fujitsu Welcomes 100 SELECT Circle Members from across Europe to Win Value Business
    Fujitsu drives value added business through its new value channel initiative – now named Fujitsu SELECT Circle – by welcoming 100 qualified members from across Europe to a two-day kickoff event at its production facilities in Augsburg, Germany. Following its successful launch at Fujitsu Forum in November 2012, the ‘invitation only’ SELECT Circle initiative addresses enterprise resellers, value resellers and systems integrators in particular, enabling them to capitalize on data center, storage, solutions and cloud opportunities in key regions, and particularly in the midmarket enterprise segment.
  • Europe, Munich, March, 19 2013
    Fujitsu Doubles Capacity with New ETERNUS LT Tape Libraries
    Fujitsu today announces that ETERNUS LT Tape Libraries now maximize capacity and speed of retrieval of backed-up or archived data at a significantly lower media cost than using disk storage alone, thanks to supporting the latest generation of standardized Linear Tape-Open technology, LTO-6.
  • Europe, Neckarsulm, March, 14 2013
    Go-live – Karl Mayer Textile Machinery outsources IT to TDS
    TDS assumes full responsibility for the hosting and management of all SAP systems, including archiving and client/server services.
  • Europe, Munich, March, 11 2013
    Fujitsu to Market Ready-to-Run Virtualized Appliance for SAP HANA® for Test and Development Use
    Fujitsu today announces a certified, ready-to-run virtualized appliance for the SAP HANA® platform for test and development use. The fully virtualized Fujitsu Power Appliance enables more rapid development and testing for implementations of SAP HANA, allowing companies to create true business value through faster deployment of the best-performing set-ups.
  • Europe, Munich/Hanover, March, 05 2013
    Fujitsu Gains Momentum in Delivering Services & Solutions
    Fujitsu today announces new products, services and solutions that underline its growing momentum in balancing the company’s business model towards services and solutions based on a strong product and technology portfolio, focusing on the Central Europe, Middle East, Africa and India (CEMEA&I) region.
  • Europe, Munich/Hanover, March, 05 2013
    Fujitsu Optimizes Enterprise Mobility with New Premium Notebooks
    Fujitsu today announces its new LIFEBOOK E Line family of business notebooks, designed to optimize enterprise mobility. The stylish and lightweight premium notebook PCs are ideal for demanding business users and help secure cost savings in ICT (Information and Communications Technology). The LIFEBOOK E Line makes its debut at CeBIT in Hanover, Germany, starting today.
  • Europe, Munich/Hanover, March, 05 2013
    Fujitsu PalmSecure Puts Your Identity Back in Your Hands
    Fujitsu today announces the general availability of innovative authentication solutions based on its PalmSecure technology, which uses individuals’ unique palm vein patterns to combat identity fraud. With Fujitsu PalmSecure, a contactless scan of the palm vein pattern of a user’s hand is enough to confirm their identity, using biometrics that are more secure, harder to defraud and easier to use than traditional authentication methods, such as Chip & PIN. Fujitsu PalmSecure is introduced at CeBIT taking place in Hanover, Germany.
  • Europe, Munich/Hanover, March, 05 2013
    Fujitsu Eco Track Gives Companies the Competitive Edge on Compliance
    Fujitsu today announces general availability in Europe of the Fujitsu Eco Track, powerful cloud-based software that gives companies unique insights into their environmental footprint, as well as ensuring compliance with the new EU Energy Efficiency Directive. The launch takes place at CeBIT, in Hanover, Germany.
  • Europe, Munich/Hanover, March, 05 2013
    Fujitsu Delivers Peace of Mind for Organizations that Rely on ICT for their Business Continuity
    Fujitsu today introduces a new solution intended to provide peace-of-mind for small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) that rely on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to do optimized business. Launched at CeBIT, the new Fujitsu PRIMERGY CX420 introduces simplified clustering technology designed to help extend system uptime and protect business continuity in the event of an ICT system failure.
  • Europe, Neckarsulm, March, 01 2013
    SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA - Expert consulting services for evaluation and migration
    All key SAP Business Suite applications are now available with SAP HANA. This innovative database technology captures and analyses transaction data in real time – delivering significant benefits for day-to-day operations.


  • Europe, Munich, February, 28 2013
    Fujitsu ETERNUS DX Enables Fastest Data Transfer for Performance Boost to Business-Critical Applications
    Fujitsu today accelerates business customers’ mission-critical applications by further optimizing the ETERNUS DX S2 Disk Storage Family as systems of choice for high-performance applications. With a long record of leading benchmarks and satisfied customers, Fujitsu now offers the fastest rate of data transfer needed for scenarios such as consolidation of massive Storage Area Network infrastructures and large-scale server virtualization, becoming the first major storage vendor to introduce 16 gigabytes-per-second Fibre Channel Host connectivity.
  • Europe, Barcelona / Munich, February, 25 2013
    Fujitsu STYLISTIC Tablet Means Business – Whatever the Weather
    Fujitsu today introduces the widely-anticipated STYLISTIC M702 tablet PC at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The semi-ruggedized Android device is designed to be used in places where consumer tablets would become waterlogged or get clogged up with dust, providing a lower cost and more lightweight alternative to a fully-ruggedized notebook.
  • Europe, Neckarsulm, February, 13 2013
    TDS at CeBIT 2013: SAP HANA and mobility in the spotlight
    TDS ( will once again exhibit at CeBIT 2013 (5 to 9 March 2013) together with its parent company Fujitsu. The end-to-end IT service provider’s SAP stand in Hall 4 will showcase solutions, services, use-case scenarios and live demos revolving around SAP HANA and mobility.
  • Europe, Munich, February, 07 2013
    Restructuring at Fujitsu Technology Solutions
    Fujitsu Technology Solutions, which operates Fujitsu’s business in Continental Europe, Middle East, Africa and India (CEMEA&I), today announced a significant restructuring and change program.


  • Europe, Munich, January, 31 2013
    Fujitsu Combines High-end Visualization Capabilities and VDI in a Smart Zero Client
    Fujitsu today introduces the new FUTRO L series. These smart zero clients provide organizations and their branch offices with a high-performing, easy-to-administer front-end device for VMware®-based Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI).
  • Europe, Munich, January, 30 2013
    Fujitsu’s Next Generation Point of Service Solution to Deliver First Truly Multi-Channel Point of Sale Capabilities
    Fujitsu today releases information about the development of its next-generation integrated point of service solution, which will for the first time enable retailers to introduce in-store access to a multi-channel customer experience including online, mobile and catalog. Anticipated to deliver significant benefits in terms of customer service, front-office business process improvements and point-of-sale improvements to retailers, Fujitsu is aiming to provide retailers with full, real-time Point of Sale visibility of their complete inventory.
  • Europe, Munich, January, 17 2013
    Fujitsu New World-record SPC-2 Benchmark with ‘Start Small to High End’ Modular ETERNUS DX System
    Fujitsu today announces that the ETERNUS DX8700 S2 has scored the highest ever Storage Performance Council (SPC) Benchmark 2™ results for both processing throughput and price-performance ratio for high-end systems, as of December 3, 2012.*
  • Europe, Munich, January, 16 2013
    Fujitsu Partners with Poland at CeBIT 2013
    Fujitsu today announces that it is partnering with the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Poland and is a Technology Partner of Polish participation at CeBIT 2013, the world's largest trade fair showcasing digital IT and telecommunications solutions which is taking place in Hannover, Germany, on March 5-9, 2013.
  • Europe, Munich, January, 15 2013
    Latest Fujitsu Displays Take Desktop Ergonomics to a New Level
    Fujitsu today announces a new generation of displays that take desktop ergonomics to a new level, with screens that are clearer, more detailed, and more comfortable to use than ever before. For office-based “desk jockeys” who sit in front of a screen all day, their display is an indispensable interface. Choosing an ergonomic model that’s easy on the eye can make a tremendous difference to user comfort and help reduce strain-related illness.