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High performance CEP engine

FUJITSU Software Interstage Big Data Complex Event Processing Server delivers a high performance CEP engine by leveraging Fujitsu proprietary stream processing with in-memory fast matching technology. This enables fast real-time processing of large amounts of streaming data to be analyzed.

For example, real-time Web page access events can be promptly joined with a customer information database to identify the relationship between events and customers in real-time, enabling on-the-fly services to be delivered to customers.

Interoperability with Hadoop

Advanced Big Data processing becomes possible by combining Interstage Big Data Parallel Processing Server with Hadoop technology and Complex Event Processing technology.

For example, data in the range several TB to PB when processed by CEP engine can be retained by the Hadoop system for further analysis and processing through parallel distributed technology.

Flexible rule description

What type of analysis/decision should be made on each event in streaming data depends on the nature of data and business. Interstage Big Data Complex Event Processing Server supports rule-based data analysis, where data analysis can be performed by defining a rule for analysis, without complex programming.

By delivering two types of rule description "IF-THEN-type rule" and "SQL-type rule", Interstage Big Data Complex Event Processing Server supports flexible rule description according to the type of analysis required.

Main features of Interstage Complex Event Processing Server V1.0
High-performance CEP Engine Fujitsu proprietary streaming processing
Input/Output Adapters
Interoperability Interoperability with Hadoop
Development environment CUI
IF-THEN-type rule description
SQL-type rule description
High Operability CUI

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