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Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS SF (Storage Management Software) reduces data preservation and management costs by directing the operation management of ETERNUS Disk storage systems throughout their lifecycle. For today's complicated storage environments, ETERNUS SF helps to achieve business continuity and storage resource optimization in complex IT environments.

Product Lineup

Storage resource management
Storage resource management

Managing ETERNUS DX entry level disk storage systems.

ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser
Advanced management and stable operation for all storage systems. ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser provides versatile management features for configuration, troubleshooting, performance and correlation.

ETERNUS SF Disk Space Monitor
Reliable system operations with real-time disk-space monitoring.

Backup / Archiving
Backup / Archiving

ETERNUS SF AdvancedCopy Manager
ETERNUS SF AdvancedCopy Manager in cooperation with Fujitsu disk storage systems provides the storage system solutions for high-speed backup/restore and replication ensuring internet business success.


ETERNUS SF KM is a product that manages authentication keys more securely on a server connected to the ETERNUS Disk storage system with networks.

Further Information
Complete Products List (including obsolete products) | Global Factory Warranty for ETERNUS products


Business Continuity
ETERNUS supports business continuity from two standpoints: "data protection" and "disaster recovery".

Security Compliance
Protection from external attacks and internal data theft. ETERNUS maintains information reliability as well as long-term preservation of information.

Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)
IT investment optimization by managing information based on its lifecycle: creation, use, preservation and current value.

The Benefits of Cooperation
Close cooperation with software venders.
Promotes smarter storage operation and improved performance.

Fujitsu's answer to environmental issues is user-friendly green product development.

Cloud Infrastracture
Optimized storage virtualization that supports cloud computing provides flexible ICT environments.

Scalable File Server
A low-cost, scalable file server solution using Symantec FileStore + PRIMERGY + ETERNUS disk storage systems.

Data Migration
The data migration service provides migration of data from current disk storage systems to the new disk storage system (ETERNUS DX) during normal operation.